Scribble Hub Review (Your best choice?)

Christopher Ortiz
March 30, 2023 | 5 mins

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The ease of self publishing in todays age is unquestionably a positive for writers. It allows them to become much more self sufficient, not reliant on anyone else to publish their work and they can maintain autonomy and creative control over their book. But from this does arise one question; how best to market and distribute the book to make sure it finds its way into the hands of readers?

Various companies have sought to address this issue, by creating communities of online readers who access their platform to discover and read new books. Writers, use the platform in turn, to get direct access to a community of targeted and like minded readers. 

One such company doing just this is Scribble Hub. In this review we will take a look at what exactly Scribble Hub offer and whether or not they are worth consideration for writers seeking new ways and means to get their work in front of the right people and ultimately grow their readership. 

What is Scribble Hub?

ScribbleHub is an online platform that caters to the interests of both readers and writers alike. It offers a wide range of genres from fantasy, science fiction, romance, and many more. The website was established in 2019 by a group of passionate individuals who wanted to create a platform for creative writers and readers to come together and share their love for stories.

With the goal of providing a safe and inclusive environment, ScribbleHub has quickly become one of the most popular online reading and writing platforms. The website’s interface is user-friendly, with its homepage displaying featured stories, popular novels, and various other categories to choose from. It has a minimalist design that ensures easy navigation, with a clear categorization of stories, making it easy to find a particular genre or author. The website also has an integrated search bar that allows you to look for specific titles or authors.

ScribbleHub has an active and engaged community of writers and readers who interact through comments, reviews, and messaging. It offers a sense of community to writers who may feel isolated in their writing journey. The website has a dedicated forum section where writers can discuss writing-related topics, seek advice, and connect with other writers.

Readers also have a platform to share their opinions and discuss their favorite stories with other readers. They can leave comments and reviews on stories, creating a sense of community and feedback for writers. The website also has a feature that allows readers to follow their favorite writers and receive notifications when they release new chapters.

ScribbleHub provides a platform for writers who want to showcase their work to a wider audience. The website offers a range of tools and features to support writers in their creative journey. One of the most significant advantages of the website is its “easy-to-use” publishing tool, which allows writers to publish their work quickly and easily. It has a drag and drop feature, which makes it easy to add images and other media to their work.

The website also has a built-in editor that helps writers edit their work and improve their writing skills. It provides suggestions for grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, helping writers improve their writing and ensuring that their work is of high quality. The website also offers writers the ability to add tags and categorize their work, making it easier for readers to find their stories.

ScribbleHub offers writers a range of monetization opportunities to earn money from their writing.

Writers can receive donations from readers who enjoy their work, and the website also offers a premium membership that allows readers to access exclusive content. Writers can also earn revenue through advertisements displayed on their work, and the website has a feature that allows writers to earn commission on merchandise sales.

What Books do Scribble Hub Publish?

As mentioned earlier, the primary genres of books listed on Scribble Hub seem to be Sci Fi and Fantasy although it is not clear if that is exclusively all they list or if they happen to be the most popular genres. A selection of the most popular titles as per Scribble Hub’s website can be found below to provide further insight into these types of works.

  • Dead Star Dockyards – Cakeonfrosting
  • Glimpse of Eternity – Lire
  • A Gamer Adventure – Dirk Grey
  • Surviving the Scaly Slow Life – Fishcat
  • Slipspace – Jessica Rae
  • The Wanderer – GodOfFreedom
  • The Wrong Person Was Transported To The Horrific Lost Village – Sebas Guzman
  • All The Marbles – Miss Juniper
  • Club Luna – Purple Cat Girl

As you can see from the titles, there is absolutely a consistent theme regarding the genre and vibe of these works, so Scribble Hub is likely most suited to writers operating in that space. 

What are the alternatives to Scribble Hub?

From a writers perspective, there would be two main alternatives to using a platform like Scribble Hub. 

The first of these would be to use another similar platform. A writer may choose to do this if they feel their work sits outside the genre and themes of Scribble Hub’s site and therefore may be more suited elsewhere. 

Secondly, a writer may consider other methods entirely of reaching new audiences. This could be through paid advertising, social media, blogposts or reliant on reviews and the calibre of the work itself to catapult the work up the charts on various e book sites that would therefore draw sufficient attention for it to be a success.

Scribble Hub Review – Final Conclusion

To summarise then, Scribble Hub sits comfortably and successfully amongst its peers in the space of writing and reading online communities. It clearly has a sizeable audience and readership on its site and tangible benefits for both readers and writers who engage with it.

However, that is not to say that Scribble Hub is an absolute must use for all readers and writers. Depending on the genre involved, the budget available and the desires and goals of anyone considering using such a platform, there may well be better options elsewhere. 

Each writer should think of Scribble Hub then as a potential option depending on their circumstances and proceed to do their own research from there.

2 Stars

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