ReaderScout Review: Should You Use This Author Tool?

POSTED ON May 13, 2023

Christopher Ortiz

Written by Christopher Ortiz

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The latest innovation from the minds behind Publisher Rocket and Atticus is something of a game changer. Readerscout is a free plugin designed to keep authors in the loop on critical updates. Authors can consider Readerscout as an online companion for monitoring unforeseen price fluctuations, tracking new reviews, and effortlessly staying up-to-date with your Amazon followers count.

Now, you might be wondering, “Is this plugin truly worth my time, considering it's free of charge? And more importantly, will the information it provides actually benefit authors?” Well, in this comprehensive review, we'll delve into all the essential details about ReaderScout, revealing how it can empower you with a wealth of valuable insights regarding your books.

Gone are the days of manually scouring through countless pages for price changes or eagerly awaiting new reviews. With ReaderScout by your side, you'll have instant access to these critical updates, allowing you to make informed decisions about your book's pricing strategy and gather invaluable feedback from readers. Not to mention, effortlessly keeping tabs on your Amazon followers count, ensuring you stay connected with your growing fanbase.

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What is ReaderScout?

ReaderScout is the ultimate chrome plugin that puts the power of tracking in your hands. Seamlessly monitor every twist and turn in your book's journey, from price fluctuations to new reviews, all while witnessing the hopeful rise of your Amazon Followers count. 

With ReaderScout, you'll never miss a beat. The plugin updates once a day, ensuring you're always in the know when changes occur. Gone are the days of tirelessly refreshing pages and tediously sifting through data. ReaderScout's ingenious background functionality keeps you focused and frees up valuable time by delivering notifications only when a change happens. Say goodbye to constant checking and rechecking, and hello to uninterrupted productivity.

The upsides to this tool are numerous; effortlessly staying on top of every shift in your book's price, empowering you to make strategic decisions that maximize your profit and appeal to potential readers. Stay ahead of the curve by tracking new reviews in real-time, allowing you to swiftly respond to feedback and engage with your audience. And let's not forget the thrill of watching your Amazon Followers count rise steadily, reflecting the growing community of readers eagerly awaiting your next masterpiece.

Since release there are seemingly huge numbers of authors who trust ReaderScout to be their steadfast companion, providing valuable insights, saving time, and enabling them to focus on what truly matters—writing exceptional books. 

RedearScout Features

ReaderScout can be considered to have three primary features that work tirelessly to propel your book's success. Let's dive deep into each of these game-changing functionalities and unveil the reasons why they may well be indispensable for authors.

1. Daily Price Checks

ReaderScout takes the burden off your shoulders by performing regular, daily checks on your books to detect any price changes. Why is this crucial? Well, Amazon has a tendency to adjust prices to match those of other sites or to promote your book during special events. Being aware of these price modifications is a golden opportunity. When Amazon slashes the price of your book for a sale, you still receive royalties based on the original price, putting you at a significant advantage. By swiftly recognizing these price drops, you can seize the moment and promote your book to maximize your earnings. Additionally, this feature acts as a safeguard against scams. If you notice an unexpected change in the price of a paperback version, it could be a red flag indicating illicit attempts to sell your book without authorization.

2. Daily Review Checks

Gone are the days of manually checking your books for new reviews, a time-consuming task that grows increasingly challenging as your collection expands. ReaderScout brings relief by providing automatic notifications whenever a new review appears on Amazon. This feature holds immense value. Stellar reviews can be instantly captured and shared on your social media platforms, amplifying positive feedback and attracting new readers. Conversely, negative reviews offer a chance for self-improvement. By promptly identifying critical feedback, such as typos or errors in your book, you can take corrective measures to enhance the reading experience. Remember, it's generally advised not to engage directly with negative reviews, as it often fans the flames of controversy.

3. Amazon Followers

Engage in the thrill of monitoring the growth of your Amazon followers. ReaderScout allows you to track the expansion of your fanbase with ease. Witness firsthand the burgeoning community of readers eagerly awaiting your next literary masterpiece. This invaluable insight empowers you to cultivate a loyal readership and tailor your marketing strategies to reach your target audience effectively.

With ReaderScout, you can bid farewell to the tiresome routine of manually checking for price changes and reviews. 

ReaderScout – How To Use

Unlock the full potential of ReaderScout in just four simple steps. 

Step 1: Download It

First things first, ensure you have a Chrome browser installed on your device. Once that's taken care of, visiting a specific link will grant you access to the ReaderScout chrome plugin. Simply add it to your browser with a click, and you're one step closer to transforming your author journey.

For easy access, we recommend pinning the ReaderScout plugin to your top bar of extensions. You can do this effortlessly by navigating to the top right of your Chrome browser and customizing your toolbar to include the ReaderScout icon.

Step 2: Sync With Your Author Central Account

Now, it's time to synchronize your Amazon Author Central account with ReaderScout. Navigate to your Amazon Author Central Page, where you can explore a wealth of author-centric resources. Spot the ReaderScout Icon perched at the top of your browser and give it a click. Next, click on the enticing button that beckons you to “Sync Your Amazon Account.” 

This seamless process ensures that ReaderScout is primed to recognize the books you've written and promptly fetch your Amazon Followers Count.

Step 3: Select Your Books to Track

With the initial setup complete, it's time to curate your book selection within ReaderScout. Choose the books you wish to track and monitor closely. Whether you have a single title or an extensive collection, ReaderScout works for all situations. This tailored tracking feature ensures that you stay informed about crucial updates, including price changes and new reviews, for the books that matter most to you.

Step 4: Get Notified

Sit back and let ReaderScout do the heavy lifting. With the groundwork laid, you can now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automated notifications. 

ReaderScout keeps a watchful eye on your selected books, promptly alerting you to any relevant changes or developments. 

ReaderScout Review – Final Verdict

In short, Readerscout is a low risk high reward tool that will likely benefit any writer in a position to potentially use it.

The upsides are numerous as listed above and the fact that it is free is a blessing as many writers in a position to use the tool will likely not have huge disposable incomes to spend on tools to assist them

Readerscout is therefore, something of a no brainer and one can only hope the tool remains free and is not monetised in the near future.

4 Stars

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