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You have crafted the perfect tale… you have paid attention to every design detail… all your friends and family have told you that you have the next bestseller… you have pushed the button and ordered a supply of books…. NOW COMES THE REAL FUN… SELLING BOOKS.

Unlike the other parts of the publishing process, there is no sure fire path to successful book sales. What works for some, does not work for others. For this reason you need to be particularly cautious and keep your hand on your wallet. There is no “silver bullet”. No one place you can spend any amount of money and expect book sales. Remember… YOU ARE IN CHARGE. If your book sells, it is going to be because of the work you have done and the time you have invested in the sales process. At Self Publishing, Inc., we do not tell you what to do. We try to present as many affordable options as possible to give you the best chance of succeeding. Good Luck.

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9 Book Marketing Tips

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