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POSTED ON Mar 15, 2023

Christopher Ortiz

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Writing and publishing has undergone a huge evolution in recent times, in large part due to the internet. This has of course resulted in a myriad of changes but perhaps the primary one is the shift from printed books to e books and e readers. This speaks to a wider trend in society of customers being able to access things on demand, virtually and with a cheaper cost than the previous traditional method. 

As with any evolution however, it is not just the change that takes place of the central focal point, there are also a huge number of changes and adaptions to the surrounding ecosystem. And with regards to publishing, there has been an explosion of tools, products and analytics to sit alongside the e books we mentioned a moment ago. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and once a new technology is in place it is not just preferential, but vital that both writers and publishers have the means to fully understand the market they are in.

A company that provides such a service is K-Lytics. In this review we will unpack exactly what it is that they do and how their services may be of use and how users would benefit. 

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What is K-Lytics?

Put simply K-Lytics is a tool created to monitor the Amazon Kindle market. It analyses thousands of books, covers, and other variables, crunches the numbers and distills them into insights, therefore allowing the user to make better and faster publishing decisions within their writing project. By using such a tool, the writers time can be spent as little on analysis as possible and allows them to focus on the writing.

Some of the questions authors may face that K-Lytics can help provide answers to include;

How to find the best genre?

How to find the most profitable niches within a genre?

How to invent new genres and themes?

How to find book markets and best seller lists where one can be a success?

How to improve the timing of publication?

How to maximise profits?

Essentially, K-Lytics gives a holistic overview of the publishing market, provides actionable insights and therefore allows its users to make decisions that are both more informed and with greater speed and agility. Without such a tool in place, it stands to reason that any decisions made whilst not necessarily wrong, would certainly be less informed and more instinct than data driven, increasing the percentage chance of failure or not achieving the desired results.

K-Lytics Features

Monthly Market Updates – Users receive the most extensive and accurate information on the e book market including sales volume, rank momentum, price realisation, degree of competition, effort, category power index. This all come with easy to understand dashboards and charts for increased user friendly access.

Access to Special Market Analyses – Users get the latest trends before anyone else allowing them to take action and make decisions based on facts and data. This may come in the form of category heat maps, deep dive discussions, pricing analyses and discussions and video tutorials.

Access to Special Genre Research – This is special reports that we produce upon request from users, therefore providing bespoke market intel as opposed to something generic that may not be relevant. This covers both fiction and non fiction book categories on Kindle.

Private Facebook Group – Users can cross collaborate and share experiences with other writers and publishers, creating a community. It may be best to think of this as the K-Lytics inner circle where market trends, experiences and insights are shared with like minded people for the purpose of learning and growth. 

K-Lytics Amazon Royalty Plan – Writers who have tangible or set goals for their royalties often wonder how many books they will need to sell, what the best price would be, what royalty split is best and where the books need to rank on average. Using K-Lytics will provide access to a pdf report containing reference tables that provide answers to all the above questions and much more.

Interactive Tools – Users are able to find profitable niches just with the click of a button, by sorting, filtering and extracting market insights according to individual requirements. 

Video Tutorial Series – Easy explainer videos that simply and breakdown the K-Lytics tool itself in order to keep everything as simple as possible for all users. Writers are known for not being the best with numbers so this will help with the understanding so that any user can become an expert to maximise their return on investment in K-Lytics.

K-Lytics Pricing

The pricing model for K-Lytics is fairly standard in that there are a set of tiers with various price points based on which features users have access to. Full details can be found below.

Premium Monthly – $37 a month. Analytics covers 30 main categories and 420 sub categories of book genre. They also receive monthly PDF market reports, interactive data tools, access to the private Facebook group, in depth genre reports, bonus content and the video tutorial series.

Elite Monthly – $97 a month. Users receive all of the above plus 7300 high detail categories of book genre, special topic reports/seminars and VIP support. 

Elite Annual – $497 a year. Users receive all the same access as the Elite Monthly, but save $667 compared to the Elite Monthly price. 

K-Lytics Competitors

As is to be expected, K-Lytics is not the only company in this space, providing such a service. There are in fact a number of companies doing something similar, including the following;

⁃ KDP Analytics

⁃ KD Spy

⁃ KD Researcher

⁃ KDP Rocket

⁃ Kindle Samurai

⁃ Keyword Inspector

All of this provide fairly similar services with a few differences in functionality and price point. Each potential user would be best served by breaking down exactly their own situation and needs as well as budget before then going through each tool and making a final decision.

K-Lytics Review – Final Verdict

To conclude then, K-Lytics definitely does something that all good tools do; fulfills a need. Unlike some tools in this space, the insights and answers that K-Lytics provides are of genuine benefit to writers and would certainly have a positive impact. That is not to say however that a tool such as K-Lytics is vital to every single writer.

Each writers circumstances are naturally different and therefore some writers may not be in a position to utilise the services of K-Lytics. This could be if they are already set on which genre they would like to write and feel confident in the decisions they’ve made about the project. Or this could be if they are simply reluctant to engage with such business and analytics style services which they may think takes them away from the purity of writing as a passion and turning it into a paint by numbers product that merely aims to make money.

The price point too could be seen as an issue, and whilst K-Lytics pricing sits comfortably amongst its competitors, it is still an outlay for writers that they may not be able to afford.

Ultimately then, as we said before writers should first understand if they need a tool like this and then commit to finding the best one. K-Lytics may indeed be right and would certainly benefit most who use it, but not every writer may need to.

3.5 Stars

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