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POSTED ON Jan 24, 2023

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For many authors, one of the most valuable and rewarding investments of their time and money is to purchase courses to grow their knowledge and skill levels. Often, we reach a limit of what we are able to naturally do on our own. Therefore, leveraging the experience of others is sometimes the best way to break through a plateau and take our levels of success further. Sometimes, the courses worth investing in directly relate to an element of writing or the author life directly. Other times, they are less obviously related but just as valuable.

There’s every chance you are interested in the skills and tactics related to running and growing a business. This can be for a couple of reasons. First, you might be a nonfiction author who uses your books to generate leads and further sales for your existing business. Or, you might be a fiction author who wants to write full time and therefore needs to understand the principles of enterprise. Treating your author career as a business is essential, regardless of which type of book you write.

But what if you’re not totally familiar with business and the right way to do it? Or what if you have a solid understanding of business up to a certain level but no idea how to take it to the next level?

That’s where it’s worth considering the teachings of Grant Cardone.

Grant has helped countless people boost their business, grow their sales, and experience entirely new levels of financial success. Let’s see how he can help you succeed.

What are Grant Cardone’s courses?

Unlike a majority of course providers out there, Grant doesn’t just offer one or two courses focusing on a limited area of success. No – Grant’s teachings are so successful that he offers a wide range of different teachings with different focuses. However, all of his courses have something in common – the ultimate aim of helping you become more financially successful. Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways he achieves that. 

If you want to get more hands-on, check out Grant Cardone’s totally free course and challenge here. There’s nothing better than experiencing something for yourself rather than just reading about it!

At this time, Cardone’s courses are split into the following areas of focus:

  • Sales/Business. A wide range of teachings related to different aspects of making a sale and running or growing a business. These include general teachings such as the principles of building a business through to specific and highly-applied techniques such as using the power of follow up to generate greater sales.
  • Money/Finances. Many people are sadly brought up without a solid grasp of the principles of investing and wealth generation, either in their home or from the school system. There is also a lot of misinformation in the media. If you want to learn how to master money from someone who has done exactly that, then check out what Grant Cardone has to teach.
  • Phones/Cold Calling. The principles of using phones and cold calling might seem less relevant to fiction authors than business-oriented nonfiction authors. However, some useful principles can be found either way. The ability to be persuasive, persistent, and close a deal is not one that should be overlooked. 
  • Objections/Closing. Closing a deal is often the part of sales and negotiations that people find the hardest. Learn a range of proven techniques here that can help you with endless aspects of being an author – such as working with a services provider or reaching agreement on your next big author conference or speaking gig. 
  • Real Estate. If you succeed as an author and generate a lot of profit you might end up wondering how to best invest it. Real estate is one potential avenue. Learn proven systems of starting and growing a real estate business here.
  • Empire Builder. The empire builder section is taught by Elena Cardone. It features a female-centric approach to success. This is a great choice if you want to learn the principles and practices that Cardone teaches but are put of by a male teacher. No judgment! Vibing and feeling comfortable with the person we learn from is an important part of success. 
  • Automotive. Of all Cardone’s teachings, this is probably the least relevant. It revolves around car sales. It’s unlikely you’ll get much value from this section unless you are interested in learning its principles and psychology for whatever reason.

As you can see, Grant Cardone teaches principles and practices in almost any area of business and wealth generation you can think of. If you want to explore further if his teachings are a good fit for your needs, read on!

What you will learn from Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone has a lot to teach you about business and money, no matter your current level of knowledge. 

In our opinion, having worked with countless authors over the years, we feel that the most valuable teachings of Cardone for most authors reading this will likely deal with:

  • The principles behind successful business. There’s often, although not always, a gap in the mindset from a creative person who is able to write imaginative books to the type of rational, data-driven mindset required for business. Grant Cardone is able to effectively able to bridge that gap.
  • The practical skills needed to succeed as an authorpreneur. If you want to write independent books for a living, whether they are fiction or nonfiction, you will need a wide range of skills outside of publishing and writing. Learn about sales, negotiation, and persuasion from Grant Cardone. Investing your time in this area of focus will help you make the most of the various opportunities your book will inevitably generate for you,.
  • What to do after succeeding. If you put the time into becoming a successful author and do things the right way, you will probably experience a good level of financial success after a period of time. Cardone’s teachings will allow you to invest the profit you generate from your books in a way which enables it to grow, thus giving you even greater resources for your next book or life outside of writing.

Check out Grant Cardone’s work for yourself and consider how you might personally benefit. We feel that these are some of the key areas of growth for a lot of authors, but you might well decide you will enjoy something totally different of what he teaches. Why not find out for yourself?

Who is Grant Cardone?

Forbes has named Grant Cardone the top marketer in the world. 

Cardone is famous for his books and teachings based around the concept of 10x – aka serious and substantial growth. 

He is a master of sales and marketing, as evidenced by both the major companies he has helped grow as well as the countless businesses and individuals that have benefited from his various programs.

How much does Grant Cardone’s courses cost?

As you’d expect from someone who teaches the range of topics that Cardone focuses on, there are a wide range of price points for his teachings.

You could dip your toe in the water with one of his free ebooks.

You could take the next step and find an individual course from Grant Cardone for just under $1000.

Or, once you’re convinced he’s right for you, you could invest in the total and complete Cardone University program, currently available for $25,000.

Course plus points

We see the major advantages of working with Grant Cardone as:

  1. Well-respected marketing and business guru. Cardone isn’t some shady or fly-by-night internet huckster. He’s acclaimed by Forbes and the major companies he’s worked with alike. You can learn from him safe in the knowledge you are investing in the best.
  2. Wide range of topics. No matter what skill related to business you want to learn, Cardone is likely to have a teaching for you.
  3. Variety of price points. No matter your budget, from free to unlimited, Cardone has a teaching to suit your intended price point.

Course negatives

So what are some of the drawbacks to learning from Grant Cardone?

  1. Only suitable if you’ve learned what you need to about writing and launching a successful book. Otherwise, take that essential step first.
  2. Style not right for everyone. Not every author will gel with his way of teaching, and that’s fine.

Next steps

So if you like the sound of Grant Cardone and what he teaches, what should you do next?

We suggest checking out his totally free course here. It’s the best way to see if Grant Cardone’s style and teachings are the right fit for your needs. Take a look here!

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