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We're Hiring for a Direct Response Copywriter & Email/Text Marketing Specialist

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Are you passionate about Direct Response Copywriting, Email/Text Marketing, books, and making a difference?


Learn more about the opportunity to join one of America's fastest growing companies that is revolutionizing the publishing industry and putting the power back in the hands of authors around the globe.

What is

Our services include:

One-on-One Customized Coaching Experience

Proprietary Online Education Program

Active Author Community of Like-Minded Impactors

Publishing and Marketing Packages

What We Are Looking For

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You thrive by deep diving into organic traffic and content quality. Your passion, belief, and enthusiasm changes lives every single day.

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Top Producers

Simply put, we need someone that can come in day one and perform at a high level. Our team is made up of top 1% performers from their previous position.

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Innovative Authors

Every author, influencer, and business builder is unique. This is not a one size fits all job. We needs strategic thinkers that are nimble, creative, great listeners, and quick on their feet!

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We look for people that seek out growth opportunities any chance they get, whether through books, podcasts, courses, or other avenues. We are lifelong learners.

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Action Takers

This is a 100% work from home position. Our employees would tell you that our culture is second to none, but it is virtual. There is amazing support, but you need to be highly self motivated.

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We are looking for “find a way” people that understand their attitude has a massive impact on performance and are constantly solution oriented in the way they approach challenges.

About the Position

Job Responsibilities

The purpose of this role is to grow revenue and engagement through great copywriting. A lot of this copywriting will be via emails and texts…but this person is responsible for improving the copywriting across all of our marketing assets. (ads, landing pages, CTAs, etc)

This role aims to drive organic revenue and qualified appointments by managing, testing, and improving our copywriting everywhere we interact with prospects. 

You’ll play a key role in helping to grow’s revenue as fast as possible while also finding ways to optimize our current user experience journeys to result in more books being published and more lives being changed.

What you'll do

  • MUST be great at 2 things: 
    1. Email & Text Marketing Strategy and Management (60%)

      • This person will oversee the email list strategy and all accompanying Hubspot workflows in order to optimize evergreen Qualified Appointment (“Qapp”) performance. 

      • Constant and rigorous split testing across all sites and email workflows in order to optimize evergreen conversion. 

        • Identify workflows and opportunities and manage 1-off projects involving the optimization of Hubspot workflows across different areas of the business, including but not limited to email, business development outreach, and other SPS-owned websites (,,,,

      • Improve deliverability rate of email and text message marketing campaigns (broadcast & evergreen)

      • Increase open rates, and click through rates across email & text campaigns in order to increase engagement, conversion, and deliverability while decreasing spam reports and prospect or student complaints. 

    2. Lead to Qualified App Conversion & Customer Journey (40%)

      • Improve the copywriting of our ads, CTAs, pop ups, landing pages, etc

      • Manage, update, and optimize email and text / post-opt-in conversion and customer journey to increase qualified appointments (“Qapps”) through value-add content and resources, low ticket offers, and CTAs with the end goal of first qualifying prospects and then getting those qualified prospects on a sales call

      • Identify and implement opportunities to improve the user experience of the post-opt-in customer journey for less email overwhelm and an “SPS Raving Fan Experience” from their first interaction with us


  1. Qualified applications – grow by 30%+ per year

  2. Lead > Qualified applications % across all email channels & platforms: 6%+

  3. Open rates & CTR rates on emails (promotions and evergreen follow-up funnels)

    1. Open Rate: 35%+

    2. Click Rate: 1.25%+

    3. ClickThrough Rate: 7%+

    4. Engaged House Email List Size:  – Current list size: 63,445 (Seg ready list engaged and marketing contacts)
      – Target list size (green line): 75,000 (20% growth)


      Compensation Structure

      • Competitive pay: $40,000-$75,000 annual base pay varying with experience
      • Top tier healthcare: Your choice of high quality healthcare (For US-based full-time employees)
      • Self-Care budget: $3,000 annual to be used for massages, house cleanings, or even date nights with your spouse


      Benefits include health insurance, paid time off, 401k match, $250 monthly self care budget, paid travel opportunities, personal development budget, and more.

      Weekly Schedule

      Monday – Friday (45+ hours/week)



      • 3+ years experience in an email strategist role within a digital marketing organization

      • Ability to maximize overall conversions across all email and evergreen channels 

      • Thorough understanding of all Hubspot systems and can proficiently manage all Hubspot workflows across various business functions

      • Critical-thinker and problem-solver, self starter, proactive in knowledge sharing

      • Able to manage multiple projects, communicate progress against milestones clearly and concisely as well as navigate ambiguity and competing priorities

      • Proven experience in quantitative & qualitative analysis to justify proposed actions

      • Strong ability to communicate and collaborate across all aspects of the business

      • Must be able to interpret performance reporting and recommend actionable next steps

      • Proven track record of month-over-month lead and revenue growth for multiple websites

      • Solid experience in landing page creation and split testing for increased conversions

      • Experience with AI texting preferred

      What technical knowledge do you need to perform in your role?

      Required: Wordpress, Google Docs, Slack, Zoom, Google Drive, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, ConvertKit, 

      Preferred: Asana, ClickFunnels, Ahrefs

      Become A Published Author Yourself As a Member of Our Team!

      Lives Changed Through Books

      Books Change Lives. Our books change the lives of readers AND authors. Hear from authors just like you and take a glimpse into your future as an author.

      Hear From Our Team

      Luke Worlock: SEO Specialist

      “We’re a company that truly values the power of SEO to help people find content, bringing them one step closer to their lifelong dream of becoming an author.If you want to work somewhere that not only understands but appreciates the power of SEO to make a positive impact on the world, is the place for you!”

      T031U12Pc U033Dcamj4X 26360F06E7Df 512

      Fabian Rojas – Marketing Coordinator + Funnel Builder

      “I love working as a funnel builder at because I get to pursue my passion for building amazing and intricate funnels that help people get closer and closer to achieving their goal of become an author.”