Children's Book Illustration Programs

Let the Illustrator be in ControlLet the Illustrator be in Control

This program is designed for the children’s book writer with an “open mind”. You have written a great children’s book and it’s time to have it illustrated. If you can picture yourself allowing the illustrator to illustrate, without you feeling the need to micro manage every tiny detail, this program is for you. All you need to do is supply the manuscript, indicating which text belongs on each page, and the illustrator will do the rest. The program is comprised of four basic steps. Each one of these steps is necessary to totally complete the project. The best part of our "Let the Illustrator be in Control" program is you can cancel at either of the first two stages and use what we have done to pursue another illustrator. If this is the option for you thenclick here.

You Are In Total ControlYou Are In Total Control

A quick Google search under the keyword phrase "Children's Book Illustrators" will yield a lot of results. We have assembled a list below of some of these children's book illustrators. Take your time. Pick a style you like. When you pick an illustrator, be specific in terms of how many illustrations you will need and what you are willing to pay. Select an illustrator carefully and be sure you consider the costs of the whole process before you say OK to an illustrator. You want to be able to print and market books so do not spend all your money on illustrations. These listings are broken down into two categories. The first category is a list of individuals who have already expressed a willingness to work with self-publishers and who also work within a reasonable budget.

The second category is a list of children book illustrators and illustrator organizations. There are hundreds of children’s book illustrators to choose from. Some may fall within your illustration budget and others will not. Good luck. If this is the option for you then click here.