What is a Fatal Flaw? | How and When Writers Should Use It

What is a fatal flaw? Sometimes known as a ‘tragic flaw,’ it is a trait that a character possesses that may lead to their disastrous downfall. This flaw can be a personality trait, such as pride, jealousy, or greed, or it can be a physical weakness, such as a disability or illness. In essence, a fatal flaw is a critical weakness that leads to...

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How to Improve Focus as a Writer (Proven Techniques)

Want to know something crazy but true about the writing world? Of all the people who dream of writing a book, only a fraction ever attempt it. Of that fraction, only a small percentage ever see it to the end.  What’s the difference between those who make their writing dream a reality and those who give up? In a word, focus. Focus is the key...

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What Is Ghostwriting? Everything You Need to Know

Of all the types of writing work out there, ghostwriting definitely has the coolest name.  There’s just something glamorous and slightly mysterious and edgy about the term ghostwriter.  But beyond the name, what exactly is ghostwriting? It’s something almost everyone has heard of. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have an intricate knowledge...

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17 Unique Gifts for Writers (Ditch the Bookmarks!)

So, you’ve been blessed with having a writer in your circle. The friend that carries their notebook everywhere, or the family member who has more story ideas in their Notes app than Shakespeare’s monastery (you get the point!). But each year, you’re still racking your brains on what gift to give them that isn’t so… basic. We’ve got you covered –...

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AutoCrit Review (Updated Guide for Authors)

As self-published authors, we’re always looking for a better combination of tools and apps to improve our writing and cut down on the amount of editing needed. At the same time, you’re probably acutely aware of the pain that comes with trying too many different tools. Sometimes, less really is more! Every new tool involves a financial cost as...

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