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What Is A Memoir? Definition & Purpose Of This Genre

Answering the question, what is a memoir, can set you on an inspiring trajectory. Are you wondering how to write a book based on a true story? The characteristics of a memoir equip you to tell your story, encourage your readers, and share your legacy.  In fact, memoirs are a unique genre within nonfiction, and not just because they are about...

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Are Memoirs Nonfiction? Clearing Up The Confusion

Are memoirs nonfiction? This is a valid question, especially because memoirs are written about real events, but can include elements of fiction. Memoirs are stories, and stories are fiction, right? So what’s the difference between memoirs and nonfiction? This can be confusing, particularly when it comes to marketing.  These questions likely...

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50 Life-Changing Atomic Habits Quotes By James Clear

Atomic Habits quotes are powerful because of the amount of truth and inspiration packed into them. If you’ve heard the name James Clear, you’re likely familiar with his grounding Atomic Habits book, and therefore, Atomic Habits quotes.  In this article, I share some of the top quotes from his business book to inspire your own goals, systems,...

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What Is Nonfiction? Definition & Famous Examples

What is nonfiction, and why does it matter to know its definition? Consider this: you want to write a book about your life, but you’re unsure if it will be listed as fiction or nonfiction.  Why would a book about your life be fiction, you ask? Well, while some authors prefer to base their stories strictly on reality, other writers choose to...

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75+ Memoir Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Next Book

Are you learning how to write a memoir and looking for some inspiration? Memoir writing prompts are a great writing aid and can be a creativity boost when you need it most. Not only can prompts open your mind to new memoir ideas you might not have considered otherwise, but you can even mix and match prompts for a unique twist. Today, we're...

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