Best Self-Publishing Companies [2022 UPDATE]

Know the best self-publishing companies of 2022 to stay ahead of the curve as an aspiring author. No two self-publishing companies are the same, so don't rely on trial and error when it comes to working with publishing companies as an author. In a world of scammy vanity companies eager to take an author's money, you have every reason to be...

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Self-Publishing Programs – 9 Teaching & Tech Resources

So, you've reached the stage in your journey as an independent author where it's time to seek out the best self publishing program for your needs. Investing in knowledge and technology to bring you success is a smart move, but it's easy to make the wrong choice. Ask around the writing community and you'll be sure to come across plenty of...

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Best Writing Websites: 20 Worthy Websites for Writers

Writing websites are useful hubs of information for aspiring authors and writers of all types and genres. Apart from your desire to become an author and determination on this thorny path, what makes a successful writer? According to veterans of the industry, it’s lots of reading, writing, and a supportive community.  The sites from today’s...

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