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Kathryn LeBlanc
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“I decided to write when I realized that I wanted to travel full-time and I needed a career that was going to afford me that.”

Kathryn LeBlanc


Became a full-time writer
Received 2 Indie Book of the Year awards
Held top 3 in her Amazon category for 9+ months
Wrote over 30 books in 3 years
Accumulated 2.5+ million page reads

Her Story:

“I decided to write when I realized that I wanted to travel full-time and I needed a career that was going to afford me that.”

When Kathryn LeBlank fell in love with quilting she had no idea she had just taken the first step toward a transformative writing journey. She loved quilting so much that she made an entire business out of it.

However, her desire to travel grew stronger and stronger. She knew her quilting business wouldn’t support her traveling dreams and needed to make a career change that could finance her full-time travel dreams.

Kathryn LeBlanc decided to try writing cozy mysteries with themes on quilting. This ensured she could write about the passion she loved and finance her dream of traveling.

But while Kathryn knew the genre she wanted to write, she needed help becoming a full-time author.

“I had already invested so much time in learning the business that to add it [quilting] into the books is just a no brainer.”

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The moment her journey began:

“I needed to find something [where] I was going to be able to travel full time and still be able to work, so I said, why don’t [I] give writing a try?”

Kathryn had seen the Founder and CEO of selfpublishing.com, Chandler Bolt, host an event years back. Even then, she had wanted Chandler to help her publish a book, but unfortunately, life circumstances kept her from pursuing this dream.

Despite this setback, Kathyrn knew if it was meant to be, one day she would become a published author.

“Everything happens [at] the right time. I could’ve started writing several years prior, but I didn’t because it wasn’t the right time. I’m glad that I started [with SelfPublising.com] when I did because it turned out to be just the right thing.”

Finally the time came. Kathryn jumped at the opportunity to finally work with selfpublishing.com. Despite not considering herself a writer, (many aspiring authors struggle with imposter syndrome!), she committed to the writing process.

“I [didn’t] have any education in writing, I didn’t have any skill. What I had was a need to find a career that I could be good at and be on the road and travel with. It’s a completely different business than anything I’ve ever done.”

In addition to feeling unequipped to write, Kathryn didn’t have a background in writing or publishing.

“It’s a completely different business than anything I’ve ever done. I come from corporate management.”

Even with such odds stacked against her, Kathryn worked hard. In fact, with selfpublishing.com’s resources and her coach Kathryn found huge success as an author.

“I bought into the selfpublishing.com [Author Advantage Accelerator] and never looked back.”

Her Process:

“Getting my word count in is probably my most challenging [part of writing]… but I meet with a group of other writers every single morning, seven days a week.”

Kathryn’s selfpublishing.com coach knew her specific struggle so he gave her a strategic challenge: write your debut novel in six weeks.

Not one to walk away from a challenge, Kathryn got to work. Six weeks later, she finished the entire rough draft of her first ever cozy mystery.

Inspired by the goal her coach had set for her, Kathryn knew she had to set goals for herself in order to continue pushing her levels of success. One of her early goals was to simply sell one book every day.

“I started with [the goal to] sell one book everyday. I’ve sold one book each day since I started, without fail.”

Some of her favorite parts of working with selfpublishing.com are:

Meeting with fellow writers each and every morning
The creative aspects of writing and publishing
Learning marketing and advertising skills for her book promotion
Kathryn fell in love with the process so much that she branched out into an additional genre: sweet romance. In fact, she even created her own pen name, Kathryn Mykel.

Little did she realize that her goal of selling just one book a day would launch her onto a fast-track to success.

Her transformation:

“Prior to SelfPublishing.com I had zero experience writing or publishing. My coach challenged me to write my first cozy mystery rough draft in six weeks…and I DID! That book launched my career as a successful full time author.”

With her first book published, Kathryn set to work on marketing and advertising her debut work. Her coach, fellow SelfPublishing.com authors, and all the many SelfPublishing.com resources, equipped her to achieve massive success.

“[Sewing Suspicions] stood in the top three in my Amazon category for just over nine months [and] received an Indie book award.”

Not only this, but Kathryn LeBlanc has:

Won two Indie book of the year awards for her cozy mysteries.

Won two awards for her book covers.

Earned 2.5 million page reads.

A bookshelf full of her own published books.

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Fully Remote and Free

When Kathryn joined SelfPublishing.com, she dreamed of writing and publishing a book so she could support her traveling dreams. Through the process, she found she is able to live a dream she didn’t even know she had.

“Everything about it has been a win, to be quite honest… It’s going way better than I could have ever expected. It’s blown away my wildest expectations.”

Today, Kathryn lives a lifestyle she loves: writing when and where she wants to, marketing her book, engaging in book interviews, and always pushing to achieve that next level of success.

“Everything about it has been a blessing, it really has.”

She and her coach still work together, planning her next achievement and setting steps in place for her to reach new heights.

Kathryn knew it would be a dream come true to write and publish one book. To publish two or three…that would be amazing.

But these dreams, big as they seemed, only scratch the surface of Kathryn’s success. To date, she has written and published over 30 books. These books have won numerous awards, earned millions of page reads, and changed her life forever.

On top of this, she joined forces with another author. Now she’s not only writing and publishing her own books, but collaborating with fellow selfpublishing.com author, P.C. James, on cozy mysteries and short stories.

Kathryn’s world has opened up in countless ways and it looks like this is just the beginning.

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“I knew I had made it when people said ‘I see you [online] everywhere!’ …Thirty-something books in three years… I would never in a million years have suspected that would be where I would be sitting right now.”

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