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The Future of Publishing

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Join The Future Of Publishing In A 

Book Production Manager Position

Are you an author/coach or book production wizard who has a knack for systems and processes? Do you get a kick out of developing strategies that help to change the world?


Learn more about the opportunity to join one of America's fastest growing companies that is revolutionizing the publishing industry and putting the power back in the hands of authors around the globe.

What is

Our services include:

One-on-One Customized Coaching Experience

Proprietary Online Education Program

Active Author Community of Like-Minded Impactors

Publishing and Marketing Packages

Our Mission

Our program is by far the best on the market, which is why we have one of the highest student success rates of any online training company. We genuinely care about the success of our students and provide a great avenue for them to be successful.

If you are looking for a sale career where you are no longer simply selling a product or service, but are actually CHANGING LIVES every single day, this is the position you have been looking for!

What We Are Looking For

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You're in the trenches with people wanting to take the next step towards their dreams. Your passion, belief, and enthusiasm changes lives every single day.

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Top Producers

Simply put, we need someone that can come in day one and perform at a high level. Our team is made up of top 1% performers from their previous sale position.

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Consultative Leaders

Take the lead, empower your team and be accountable to metrics. We need strategic thinkers that are nimble, creative, great listeners, and quick on their feet!

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We look for people that seek out growth opportunities any chance they get, whether through books, podcasts, courses, or other avenues. We are lifelong learners.

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Action Takers

This is a 100% work from home position. Our employees would tell you that our culture is second to none, but it is virtual. There is amazing support, but you need to be highly self motivated.

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We are looking for “find a way” people that understand their attitude has a massive impact on performance and are constantly solution oriented in the way they approach challenges.

About the Position

Job Responsibilities

Grab the bull by the horns and take lead, manage and hold the book production team accountable to their metrics. This role will collab with coaches, marketing and the sales teams to increase our overall profitability and create renewal opportunities. Ultimately, this role aims to people build and process improve, to deliver results. You’ll play a key role in helping to grow’s revenue as fast as possible, while also finding ways to optimize our current user experience journeys to result in more authors, more books, and more lives changed.

It’s a big job with a lot of responsibility. Keep reading if you have what it takes to get the job done…

You MUST be:

  • Ready to learn, be challenged, and grow a ton
  • An analytical thinker who can lead a team to greatness

Specifically, you’ll focus on 3 areas:

  1. Book Production Implementation (60%)
  2. Manage the Team/Project Management and Development (30%)
  3. Creating vision and Strategy (10%)


We’re looking for someone to join our team to be a Book Production Manager.

As our Book Production Manager at, you'll be responsible for building strategic, high-performing teams which assist in producing a book from A to Z. We are leaving a lot of opportunity on the table and are ready for a seasoned leader to help our business generate revenue and retain satisfied customers at the highest level possible.

You’ll be responsible for working alongside your team to develop the required skill sets to make sure we are creating automated, high-converting products from start to finish that result in optimized conversions of all webinars, tripwires, live and virtual events, affiliate events, and anything else we can dream up that will help us to reach our goal of getting 100,000 books launched by 2035 and impacting 1.2 million lives in the process.

Under the leadership of our Product Team Lead, you’ll work with our team’s Cover Designers, Formatters, Marketing Systems Coordinator, and Fulfillment/Author Success Coordinators. Together you'll directly impact the customer's user experience of our product. You will report directly to our Product Team Lead and will assist in planning new campaigns and coordinating directly with team members in a high-autonomy environment with ample room to learn, be challenged, and grow constantly — all while changing the world! Pretty cool, right?


  1. Done For You Fulfillment CSAT score of 70+
  2. Done For You Fulfillment Throughput
    1. # of DFY items completed (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)
    2. Turnaround time of DFY services – 6 weeks or less
  3. Renewals – 30% of authors upgrade from a core offer purchase to AAA by the end of the book production process
    1. Renewals into the next year of AAA also count towards this #

NOTE: This position is full-time and virtual. Meaning you can work from anywhere. The team here at is located around the world, with the majority of us in North America. The preference for this position is someone working in the Philippines and is available to work on a US time zone schedule.

Compensation Structure

Competitive depending on qualification and experience.


Also includes the following benefits:

  • Top tier healthcare: your choice of high-quality healthcare (for US-based full-time employees)
  • Work remotely: save tons of money in commuting costs and 100+ hrs each year (aka. 2 ½ extra weeks of “time off”)
  • Ability to earn into a revenue-based compensation structure after 18-24 months of full-time employment exceeding KPIs
  • Bi-annual team offsite retreats in really incredible locations! (i.e. We just got back from Cancun!)
  • Access to the company training budget to expand your skills and become the absolute best version of yourself!


Weekly Schedule

This is a 100% work from home position with the expectation of 45 hours a week of availability. You are welcome to open additional slots on a given week if you would like. The hours can be quite flexible, since we have apsiring authors all around the world.



  • At least 2 years of VERY high performance as an author service/ support/ success rep
  • Extensive knowledge of the book publishing process
  • Familiar with online platforms (or more than willing to learn): Infusionsoft, Hubspot, etc.
  • Excellent on the phone & excellent written English
  • Leadership and management experience of a high-growth team


  • At least 5 years of high-performance customer service/ support/ success experience
  • Worked for an online service company
  • Experience with coaching programs and/or internet marketing products.

Become A Published Author Yourself As a Member of Our Team!

Lives Changed Through Books

Books Change Lives. Our books change the lives of readers AND authors. Hear from authors just like you and take a glimpse into your future as an author.

Hear From Our Team

Chad Aleo: Inside Sales Rep

Seeing this company grow from the beginning has been a heck of a ride. The impact we are making daily on lives really makes SPS a place you can envision a longterm career. If you’re looking for a great product to stand behind and a culture that cares about your professional life, but also your success outside of work, you’ve come to the right place!

Chad Aleo Headshot
Mead Headshot

Matthew Mead: Inside Sales Rep

When I first got into sales in college I always hoped to find a position eventually that checked six main boxes. Selling a product that I love. Having a sales conversation with ambitious, creative people about something they are genuinely passionate about. Working remotely from home. Consistent, high-quality inbound leads with phenomenal marketing support. Working with a team of other top 1% performers. High-income earning potential + great benefits. checks all of those boxes and more.”

Nate Hambrick: Inside Sales Rep

“I can honestly say that has been the best work situation I have ever had. I don't know of any other companies that have as phenomenal a team as this one does. Great sales reps sell great products for great companies and I feel confident bringing clients in knowing they will be taken care of and knowing they will be glad they used our services to get their books published.”

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