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Author Collaboration Accelerator

Whether you are an influencer or organization looking to bring together authors to share your collective knowledge, has you covered.

For way too long there have been publishing companies producing author collaborations, without any true marketing strategy or consulting beyond the initial launch. The result? Books sitting on Amazon five years later with only 8 reviews and not having the impact they are capable of having. Finally there is a better option.

What You Get with's

Author Collaboration Accelerator

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We partner each collection of authors with a bestselling, experienced author as a personal coach to provide you with customized strategic support.

Hands on Coaching

Over 2 Million new books were published in 2022. Every single one of them is unique, and your collaboration is no different. We spend six group coaching calls working with the entire team of collaborators on how to craft a well-written book, put together a plan to publish and market your bestseller, and everything you need to know to use it as a tool to build your brand, grow your business, or share an impactful message. 

Group Coaching
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Book Production

We handle 100% of the cover design and formatting to ensure your book is beautiful, inside and out. You will work collaboratively with our design team to make sure you end with a design tailored to your ideal target market.

Book Cover Design

You've been lied to all these years. The truth is: yes, people do judge a book by its cover. We’ve seen this again and again with the thousands of authors who come to us for help with self-publishing or marketing their existing self-published book. You’ll work with your coach and our design team to create a cover that not only attracts your ideal reader, but one that is created based on genre research so your sales last beyond your book launch.

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Professional Formatting

Formatting is the final stage in the book production process and having a well-formatted book is critical to becoming a bestselling author! The experience a person has while reading your book and how it looks is just as important as your book's cover. Our professional design team will format your book for digital and print while ensuring your book’s look and feel is the highest quality, inside and out.

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The beauty of is that you get all of the benefits of traditional publishing, without the strings attached. We handle all of the publishing logistics on your behalf, with you maintaining 100% of the rights, royalties, and creative freedom.

Best of Both Worlds Publishing

We handle all of the publishing in the same way a traditional publisher would, but with you, the organization or influencer, as the publisher. The best part? You keep 100% of your rights and royalties. You also retain full ownership and control over your content, pricing, and marketing strategies. 

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Categories, Keywords, & Book Description

There are 7,500 new Kindle books published every day, which makes choosing the right categories and keywords the best way to give your book a fighting chance of being noticed (and purchased!) by your ideal readers. Our team will analyze search volume, measure category competition, and help you optimize your book description for consistent sales.


Worldwide Book Distribution

We’ll set up worldwide distribution everywhere Amazon sells. This includes ebook distribution and Amazon’s print-on-demand feature, which doesn’t require you to manage fulfillment or inventory for online purchases. Someone buys and Amazon prints and ships it. In addition, all collaborators will have the ability to order author copies at the wholesale cost of printing (typically $3.50-$5.00 per book), maximizing the profit on sales for all authors working on the project. 

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Marketing Done-For-You

Successful book marketing starts with a great book. After you have a great book, your goal is to get it into the hands of your ideal readers. We’re cutting through the clutter to help equip you with what are the most important tools and tactics to market your book successfully.

Book Promotion Websites

Partnering with book promotion websites is a powerful way to market your book to your ideal readers, but in an ever-growing industry like ours, finding the right ones can be challenging! As part of your launch, our team will research and pay for ten book promotions on your behalf to market your book to upwards of 300,000+ potential readers who have opted in to hear about books in your genre.

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90 Days of Social Media

Social media is one of the most impactful ways you can market your book, and yet it can be difficult to get started. What do you post? Will it attract the right followers? Will it actually help you sell books? Your coach will help you create a sustainable social media marketing strategy and our social media design team will create 30 custom posts for you to use during the first 90 days of your book launch.


“From the Publisher” Amazon A+ Content

Once you have driven people to your Amazon page with well set-up SEO, a great digital marketing strategy, and a high quality cover that appeals to your ideal readers, it is now all about conversion. The biggest mistake most publishers and independent authors make is not utilizing A+ Content by Amazon. We handle 100% of the graphic design and setup to make you really stand out above the crowded Amazon landscape.

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PR Game Plan After Launch

It is critical that authors prioritize PR efforts while their book is new and trending. Your entire team of authors will work with your coach to craft a game plan that helps each individual author leverage the early success of the book launch into whatever they envision next! We will coach you through the research stage, how to reach out effectively, what it takes to maximize your appearances, and even equip you with templates for your outreach.



Per author

Payment options available

How To Work With Us

This program is the best fit for authors who are ready to prioritize and invest in reaching their publishing goals within the next year. All of our author collaborations require a minimum of 15 authors, and are capped at 25 authors per collaboration. 

Lives Changed Through Books

Books Change Lives. Our books change the lives of readers AND authors. Hear from authors just like you and take a glimpse into your future as an author.

How The Process Works With You

Step 1

Schedule a Call With Us

The application process kicks off with a strategy call, which will help both you and to discern if this program is a good fit for your specific needs. If we feel at the end of the call that partnering together on an author collaboration can be successful, we will schedule you announcement webinar. 

Step 2

Announce the Project

Next we will schedule an announcement webinar where we will be going through the details of this author collaboration with your audience and giving potential authors the ability to join. We will handle writing the emails, building the landing page, sending out replays, etc. You simply have to show up with your vision for the project, and our team will explain the details from there!

Step 3

Write Your Book

We will work together to set the timeline that works best for you, but most collaborations give authors 4-8 weeks to submit their chapter. We kick off the engagement with an initial coaching call where we help you collaborators finalize their chapter idea, learn what it takes to write a compelling chapter, and give tips to take their writing to the next level. 

Step 4

Editing, Cover Design & Book Formatting

Once all of the chapters have been self editing and submitted to our team, our team takes over to help turn these individual chapters into a best selling book. We’ll prepare it for publishing with professional editing, designing a book cover that converts into sales, and proper formatting so it is easy (and visually pleasing) to read on any device.  

Step 5

We'll Upload Your Book & Details

Ready, set, publish! With our experts by your side, uploading your book and setting it up correctly in Amazon’s system really can be painless. We’ll take care of the details like categories, keywords, uploading the right cover for the right book formats, setting up your ISBN, all while leaving you with 100% control and ownership of your book and your hard-earned royalties. 

Step 6

Launching, Marketing, & Beyond

From here our focus turns to helping you build a strong launch team, developing an initial marketing push, and putting together a collaborative plan for long term marketing. In addition, our coaching now turns towards how every author in the collaboration can best utilize this book to accomplish their own unique goals.

How The Process Works With You

Step 1

Schedule a Call With Us

The application process kicks off with a free strategy call, which will help you discern if this program is a good fit for your specific needs. It will also clarify your goals and next steps for your book! No matter where you’re at on your author journey, this strategy call will accelerate your progress toward your goals. 

Step 2

Get Assigned to Your Coach

Once you’ve joined the program, you’ll be assigned to your bestselling author coach and hop on your Welcome Call to understand how you'll get set up with the program. Your coach will then guide you through the writing and publishing process while pointing you to resources that will be helpful as they’re needed.

Step 3

Write Your Book

This is a huge milestone in the journey, and also one of the most difficult. But we’re here to help you get there by breaking down the process into manageable steps that are fun and enriching while providing direction in how to write your book so it's of quality and speaking to the right readers. Your coach, writing rooms, and accountability check-ins will be there to support you hitting your word count goals so you make actual progress

Step 4

Get Your Cover Design & Book Formatted

Once your manuscript is finished and you receive it back from your editor, we’ll help you prepare it for publishing with a book cover that converts into sales and proper formatting so it’s easy (and visually pleasing) to read on any device. We want to ensure your book has its best chance of being discovered by your ideal readers, and professional production is key to that happening! 

Step 5

We'll Upload Your Book & Details

Ready, set, publish! With our experts by your side, uploading your book and setting it up correctly in Amazon’s system really can be painless. We’ll take care of the details like categories, keywords, uploading the right cover for the right book formats, setting up your ISBN, all while leaving you with 100% control and ownership of your book and your hard-earned royalties. 

Step 6

Celebrate Your Published Book!

You’ve done it! You’ve reached the final milestone and actually published your book. Well done! As a community, we’ll celebrate your success and inspire other authors on the journey to keep going. We’ll also feature your book in our exclusive Author Books section and your story on our Success Stories page. And of course, we'll be right here to celebrate every book you publish next. Because if our many multi-book authors are proof of anything, it's that this publishing thing is addicting 😉