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Author Accelerator Elite

Our most exclusive writing, publishing, and marketing program, featuring done-for-you editing and marketing services to grow your impact and book sales.

Get the tools and team needed to write your book in record time – and share it with the world via a fully-supported, wildly successful book launch. From 1:1 coaching and professional book editing, to our proven marketing strategies.

What You Get with

Author Accelerator ELITE

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Elite Coaching

A dedicated coach and large author community is the foundation of your program. You’ll get personalized strategies, accountability, and support during the entire process, helping accelerate your success.

1 1 Coaching

Private Coaching Sessions

Receive focused support throughout twelve 1:1 coaching sessions with your best-selling author coach. These live sessions may cover content development, cover design, marketing, mapping out a plan to leverage your book to build a business, and more.

Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching with Chandler Bolt

Gain access to weekly laser coaching calls with Chandler Bolt, Founder and CEO of and best-selling author of Published. The small group setting also lets you meet fellow Accelerator Authors at the same stage as you.
Daily Coaching

Unlimited Daily Office Hours

Get answers to your questions in real-time with unlimited access to our daily coaching calls and office hours, hosted Monday-Friday. These are designed to offer supplementary training and assistance to your personalized writing and publishing plan.

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Professional Book Production

Our team of designers work collaboratively with you to complete every aspect of your book, from editing and formatting to a custom book cover design that’s made to stand out.


Multiple Rounds of Editing

Receive 5 complete rounds of professional editing to polish your manuscript and make sure it is ready to publish. Our process has been carefully created to include 3 rounds of developmental editing editing, 1 round of copy editing, and 1 round of proofreading.


Professional Formatting

Let our design team take care of the formatting, ensuring your book looks and feels high quality, both inside and out. We will complete both digital and print formatting to give your audience the best reading experience, however they decide to buy your book.

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Custom Book Cover Design

Sell more copies with a book cover design that captures your readers’ attention. Before your launch, you will work with your coach and a member of our design team to craft a book cover that you love, fits your genre, and helps bring in consistent sales.
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Done-For-You Marketing

A book is one of the highest-leverage ways to grow your income, business, and impact. And consistent book sales require a proven, cohesive marketing strategy. We help you cut through the clutter by offering the marketing services that matter most when it comes to book sales.

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NYC Times Square Takeover

Be featured in Times Square as a published author! We will create and schedule the entire book promotion, notifying you in advance of the date and time that the promotion will go live in New York City.


Professional Book Trailer

Promote your book better with a short, customized marketing trailer. In 60 seconds or less, this video will capture the attention of your future readers and create excitement about your book.


100+ Guaranteed Reviews

Build your credibility and authority with reader reviews. We guarantee a long list of real reviews from verified purchases, helping you get the social proof needed to be seen as a best-selling author.
Blog Feature

Get an exclusive feature on our website as a top Author. The website is an industry-leading site and blog with over a million views each year. After being featured, this is something you can display on your own site or social profiles.


Top PR Launch List

Create buzz for your book and secure your first 5 interviews as an author. Our team will research and curate a list of the best PR opportunities for your book genre and audience, providing you with high-converting email templates for the most successful outreach efforts.

Professional Media Kit

Your author branding is critical for landing speaking engagements and interviews. Our team will design a high quality media kit for you to maximize your PR and speaking opportunities.
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“From the Publisher” Amazon A+ Content

Increase online sales and set your Amazon book listing apart with done-for-you Amazon A+ Content. Our team has years of experience and will design and upload all the content you need to elevate your listing.

Book Promotion Sites Fiction

Book Promotion Sites Campaign

Our team will research and pay for ten book promotion sites on your behalf to draw an additional 300,000-500,000+ potential readers to your book who have opted in to hear about books in your genre.

Book Promotion Sites 2

BookBub and GoodReads Setup

Take advantage of your first book promo campaign done completely for you. We will set up and integrate your BookBub and Goodreads accounts with your Amazon account and run your first book promo campaign for you.

Social Media Strategy

Leverage the power of social media marketing for authors with over a month’s worth of custom designs created to support your book launch. Our design team will make sure everything fits your brand while your book coach will help the strategy.
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Publishing Made Easy

Our Accelerator gives you all the benefits of traditional publishing – without the usual strings attached. We handle all the publishing and launching logistics while you maintain 100% of the rights, royalties, and creative freedom.

Online Author Training Platform

Get lifetime access to the full library of Chandler Bolt’s online courses on how to write, publish, and market a best-selling book, using it as a tool to grow your author platform, brand, or business.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Make sure your book listing shows up first with done-for-you Amazon optimization. Our team will review search volume on different book queries, ROI on various terms, and different category competition to optimize for sales in Amazon's algorithm.

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Worldwide Distribution & Royalties

Expand your reach, impact, and sales with worldwide distribution. We set everything up for your success, while giving you 100% of the profits and 100% of the rights. That means you have full control over all the content, pricing, and marketing strategies of your book.
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Paperback & eBook Distribution

Give readers the ability to buy and read your book in multiple formats – without worrying about how to fulfill orders or maintain inventory. Both versions of your book will be available and distributed via Amazon’s KDP platform and IngramSpark (Barnes & Noble, Target, etc).
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Author Community

Our community is a vibrant group of bestselling authors and aspiring authors from more than 90 countries. Joining our community is a unique opportunity to tap into the collective wisdom of the group and network with other authors.

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Best-Selling Author Mastermind

Gain 1 year of access to our private author mastermind, offering exclusive access to 2,000+ authors who have already successfully published a book. Our members leverage this network to find writing partners, collaboration opportunities, book readers, launch support, and more.

Writing Rooms

Writing Rooms

Stay accountable by setting real writing goals – and consistently hitting them in our writing rooms. These online Zoom sessions give you the time and space to write alongside other authors. At the end of the session, you’ll be encouraged to share your progress.

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This program is the best fit for authors who are ready to prioritize their publishing goals within the next year. We require a free, one-hour strategy call so we can both be sure the Author Accelerator Elite is right for you.