How AI Writing Software Can Impact Your Writing

Averi Melcher
January 23, 2023 | 7 mins

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Guest Post from Darby Rollins. Edited by Averi Melcher

The written word has been a consistent herald of change at every stage of the cloud's evolution. This rings true from the beginnings of SEO strategy to brands adapting relatable personas. The value of high-quality content has never changed, only how it's presented, engineered, and optimized. Establishing a name and reputation is only limited by the tools at your disposal. AI-powered solutions offer new utility in art, customer service, transportation, and more. On that front, AI writing software allows authors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to distribute their work in innovative, impactful ways.

There’s value in having absolute control over what you create and how it's received. Books, blog articles, editorials, and other forms of written content feel like people should write them. The issue is that the creation process is long, stubborn, and filled with roadblocks. Advancements in technology and a pioneering spirit have paved the way for AI writing software to help creators where they need it most. Not only is this software reliable, it's also a launchpad for your business and career.

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What Is AI Writing Software?

AI writing software is a form of artificial intelligence designed to quickly write quality content when prompted and directed by human intelligence. Many companies have partnered with tech experts to create AI writing software solutions. These solutions not only mimic what humans write but also offer fresh insights to fuel the writing process. As more businesses integrate these unique tools into their marketing and development arsenal, they will continue to grow in complexity and depth.

As of now, there are endless possibilities for implementing AI writing software. While you can use a versatile tool for a variety of situations, not everything is an ideal fit for the job at hand. AI writing software is powerful, but it's not a perfect substitute for human work. It should be considered a complementary piece designed to streamline and hone the writing process while helping increase productivity by breaking down the biggest obstacle for content creation and distribution: writer's block.

Staring at a blinking cursor and making no headway is painful. When you're stuck in a swamp, the best way out is a thrown rope. The right AI writing software solution provides creators with ways to:

More often than not, all writers need is a little support to perform at their best. An AI writing tool scales up your writing to create top-quality content at a faster, more efficient, stress-free pace.

Editor's note: We have reviewed book writing software and book formatting software on our site as well.

Advantages of AI Writing Tools

A fast-paced and productive modern market demands greater production of high-quality deliverables. Meeting that demand requires a tool that levels the playing field and drives your business forward. There are several key advantages that AI writing software tools offer. Let’s go over a short selection of a few advantages available with the right AI writing tool.

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1. Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

AI writing software churns out content at a much faster rate than humans. This results in higher productivity and lower turnaround times for businesses. Additionally, the algorithm-based nature of these tools ensures that content is accurate, error-free, and optimized to drive more organic traffic and engagement across different platforms.

2. Customized Solutions for Every Need

AI writing software is designed to adapt to changing inputs and conditions. It offers tremendous flexibility in the type of content it creates as well as who can use this tool based on their needs or requirements. This means that businesses large and small benefit from this technology regardless of their industry or market niche.

3. Decreased Costs and Increased ROI

The efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility of AI writing tools also translate to cost saving for businesses. Consider the amount of human resources expenses and time spent on content creation. Because this technology generates high-quality, engaging content at scale, businesses reap the benefits of a streamlined process. With lower costs and a higher ROI, bottom lines increase across the board.

4. Improved Quality Control

It's no secret that there's been a lot of attention placed on the quality and integrity of content in recent years. This is due to changes made in search engine algorithms and the increased importance of customer engagement. AI writing software ensures you're able to produce content adhering to your standards. Not only that, but this content is engaging enough to attract potential customers or clients.

5. Ease-of-Use for Rapid Onboarding and Training

If you're like most authors, business owners, and entrepreneurs, you're busy. With so many responsibilities and tasks on your plate, you need a solution that eases that burden. AI writing software takes the hassle out of your content creation efforts using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP). This means it can help do the heavy lifting of writing first drafts and summarizing existing content for purposing for you. 

Ultimately, AI is used to streamline and scale workflows. And when you provide the right context and direction inside a workflow, AI can be used to complement those workflows through easy-to-follow instructions to write quality content at scale.

Think of it as reducing the grunt work needed in producing large amounts of original content. Writers and authors don't need to painstakingly write every piece of copy by hand anymore. AI technology elevates you to an editor and director role. The key, as always, is to work smarter, not harder.

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What Should AI Writing Be Used For?

I mentioned a few ways for utilizing AI writing software earlier – blog articles, books, and other long-form pieces of content. AI-powered writing practices can help streamline these projects. However, devoting the entire body of work to an AI program isn’t the ideal solution.

The truth is, blog articles formulated with nothing more than an AI program violate Google’s search engine algorithm – and frankly, they aren’t useful for the human reading on the end. Full books are lengthy, and there’s no guarantee that they have the consistent writing you’re looking for without repetition.

The best option lies within short-form solutions. Use AI writing software to fill in the next couple of sentences you're stuck on in a book. Doing so functions as inspiration to help sustain project momentum and motivation. Shorter blurbs like book descriptions are excellent ways to fill in your product or service offering. That way you're still able to incorporate the human touch and potential for a call to action. Any business can also use AI writing software to help them produce short, snappy snippets. These content pieces are ideal for increasing engagement with audiences on social media.

Options for AI Writing Software

The rising popularity of AI writing software has produced no shortage of options. Each software has its fair share of pros and cons. And they are worth doing your research on before committing to the perfect tool for you. Some of the industry-leading names that you’ve probably seen around are, and Rytr to name a few. You can also use robust AI copywriting tools like to pair with AI writing tools like Jasper to create longer form sales pages, emails, and more.

While we could go on and on comparing and contrasting, I personally use and train thousands of professionals on recently announced $125M Series A funding, a Chrome Extension, additional workflows, and more… this goes to show the amount of attention and investment pouring into AI writing tools and AI content creation as an industry.

While stands out as a market leader and our personal top choice of AI writing software, I suggest you do your own research and give it a test before committing 100%.

Every tool has its share of strengths and weaknesses, and finding the right software that fulfills your needs is dependent on your preferences as a writer. If you’re interested in learning more about what Jasper can do for you, visit for more information and to get 10,000 free credits when you start a trial.

About The Author

Darby is an author and entrepreneur living in Denver, CO. He is the founder and CEO of, an AI content training and education platform. Fun fact: Darby is the world’s first user. When he’s not helping businesses scale with AI, you can find him playing drums and exploring the Colorado Rockies.

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