Attn: Tate Publishing Authors

Tate Publishing Closes Its Doors pretty much says it all so I won’t belabor the point. What I will do is offer you an inexpensive alternative, which will keep your book in print, allow you to purchase copies and allow you to earn income from the sales of your title. The best part is your title will now be 100% yours and not tied to any particular printer or publisher.

Tate is offering authors their printing files for only $50, which is a very good gesture on their side. The link to request those files is located at

Once you receive your printing files, we will:

  • Purchase a single ISBN in the name of your name or company - $125 Value
  • Change the title page and cover to reflect the new ISBN and publisher - $175 Value
  • Upload the new file to our Thor Distribution program - $549 Value

Total value if purchased separately $849

Tate Publishing Authors ONLY - $249 complete

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From this point, you will be able to purchase printed books at the wholesale discounted price. You will also earn “Profits” not simple royalties. For complete information on how Thor Distribution works, please visit