Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Self Publishing, Inc. FAQ section. We have tried to make this popular section as easy to use and understand and as interactive as possible. Questions are divided into categories to make navigating them easy. If you do not see the answer to a question you have about the publishing process, let us know. Questions submitted through the site will be promptly answered and posted in this section for all authors to share. Remember… Knowledge is Power and Ignorance is NOT bliss.

Design Questions

1.)Can I make corrections to my proofs? 2.)Are you saying that the printer will not match my artwork exactly? 3.)What does "pleasing color" mean, and what if I want something more than that? 4.)What kind of cover stock should I use for my paperback book? 5.)I want my book to be full-color, but it is not a children's book- is that OK? 6.)What is four-color process? 7.)What about saddle stitching? 8.)Should I use gloss or matte paper stock for my children's book? 9.)What is the difference between a cover, a jacket and a casewrap? 10.)What size should my original art be? 11.)How about if my illustrations are computer generated? Is that OK? 12.)Is there one medium for illustrations that's better than another? 13.)What types of originals are used for illustrations? 14.)What is a scan? 15.)Should I have my book cover/casewrap/jacket professionally designed? 16.)What about bar codes? 17.)Can I supply camera copy? 18.)What is "text"? 19.)What if I have only hard copy and no electronic file? 20.)What is a hybrid text design? 21.)How do I prepare my text for my full-color children's book? 22.)I have a children's book with only 18 pages, what should I do? 23.)Should I provide my own scans? 24.)How do I know how wide the spine will be? 25.)What kind of text proof will I receive for my one color trade book? 26.)Can I print color pictures in my one color trade book cost-effectively? 27.)How about hardcover binding? 28.)When is a good time to use Microsoft Word to lay out my book? 29.)How do I find the copyright symbol on my computer? 30.)How do I prepare my cover/jacket/casewrap for the printer? 31.)Why does my eBook (ePub) look different than my book? 32.)What happened to my fonts in my eBook (ePub)? 33.)What is an eBook (or ePub)? 34.)Why do you need an InDesign file to create my eBook? What's wrong with a PDF? 35.)What margins do you recommend? 36.)What is a bleed? 37.)What typeface should I use for my text? 38.)What is a page? 39.)Is white considered a color in printing? 40.)Should I opt to have a jacket on my children's book or is a casewrap enough? 41.)What trim size should I use? 42.)What goes on the title page? 43.)How is a title page different in a children's book? 44.)What color should I choose for my endpapers? 45.)How do I prepare my text for my one color trade book for the printer? 46.)What kind of cover proof will I receive? 47.)What type of files will I receive when I order eBook conversion? 48.)What is trim size?


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