What People Say About Us

"The more I look at the JASON POST proofs, the better I like what I see. You did an outstanding job, and I appreciate your efforts on my behalf." 
John James, “Life Is A Bitch and Then You Die”

"EXCELLENT! BEAUTIFUL! There are a few minor changes we will be making in the text. Will email in next day or so.THANKS AGAIN!" 
Robert Roskind, “Rasta Heart”

"The cover looks great- very bold and inviting" I thought you would enjoy this feedback I received from the "younger generations". You have done a great job. Once again thanks."
— John Textor, “Phoenix — The Fateful Journey”

" I must tell you that the man who did the cover and layout for my first book, was here the other night. I showed him a laser print-out of the Calvin book and he was duly impressed. He liked the Lightning Ridge book you did for me and thought you'd captured the continuity of the first book perfectly, but he really, really, really liked this last one. He said it was beautiful - an eye catcher. So, praise from a fellow craftsman is always good to hear."
— Donald Willis, “Calvin Hemmingway’s Diary”

"I was asked to collaborate on a book on simple living and high thinking. So it is nearing the time to get it ready for press and I remembered how nice it was working with you, how expert you were, what good results you produced in an efficient and speedy way, that your prices were reasonable for those on a shoe string budget, and that your communication was nothing but admirable."
— Ted Jaffe

"I just wanted to let you know that Jonathan has been wonderful. He has been very responsive, has great ideas and has made the design process quite painless. If the rest of your group is this professional, you’ve got a great team!"

— Mary Kay Sloan, “Smugglers' Snugglers Sunny Play”

"Jonathan, I love the cover. You guys did a great job. After I look at the final proof you guys can charge me. I would definitely be doing more business with you in the future. We have many more books coming."

— Shay R. Phoenix, “Eternal Love”

"Everyone loves the cover as much as I do! I even talked to Grace Anne on the phone this evening. She's hasn't seen the cover. But she's excited because everyone else is so thrilled. Thanks for creating the perfect cover!"

— Lillie Ammann, “Spring House”

"Wow! I really like this cover. I think you've captured it much better than my original request. It's absolutely the right image for this book.
I didn't expect you to come up with something so fast. I'm very impressed. Thank you- you've really energized me. "

— Darrin Osbonre, “Revolution of the Mentally Dead”