Children’s Book Layout & Cover Design

The importance of good layout and design is often overlooked or undervalued by the author of an illustrated children’s book. Beautiful illustrations frequently blind the novice publisher into thinking that the illustrations alone are the key to success. But without the proper design, your children’s book is bound to fail.

At Self Publishing, Inc., we are here to help you every step of the way. With illustrated children’s books you have three basic choices of format… these formats are determined by binding style. The interior pages are the same with all. The difference is that a paperback book requires a cover. A hardcover book requires a printed casewrap. In addition to a printed casewap, publishers sometime prefer a separate jacket to make their book complete.

The choice is yours.

Same low price $995*

Choose from:

  • 24 or 32 page
  • 8 x 8, 8 ½ x 8½, 8 x 10 or 8½ x 11
  • Paperback, Hardcover, or Hardcover with jacket

You to supply:

  • MS Word manuscript, 500- 1500 words
  • 12-16 High Res illustrations
We will prepare press ready PDF, ready for proofing and printing with

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*NOTE: Our Design Service is offered exclusively to author/publishers who print books with Self-Publishing, Inc.. No print ready files will be sent to customer until after books are printed. Once books are printed, you can request a copy of the print ready PDF files, created by us for a small fee of $49. Complete application files are also available after books are printed for an additional $149. You can request a copy of your print ready files, prior to the first printing, for an additional $495 per file (so text and cover would be $990.)

E-Book Conversions for Children's Picture Book

Now you can easily offer eBook editions ("fixed layouts") of your children's picture books to the growing eBook market. Unlike regular eBooks where fonts can change and where text and images can shift position on the eReader display, a fixed layout eBook retains the exact look of the printed piece*. These eBooks are perfect for children's books, cook books and any other books that need to look like the printed version.

With fixed layout eBooks you can also add enrichments such as audio and video. With a tap of an icon your children's book can be set to read page by page. Or maybe you want to add video to your cookbook. Each of these features is available with fixed layout from your supplied files**

* Unlike regular eBooks, the reader cannot increase the font size on a fixed layout for better readability. Therefore, depending on page size and font size, some eBooks may not be good candidates for fixed layout. We can check your files and let you know if you are unsure.

** InDesign, Photoshop (text must be live text on a separate layer from illustration), or Word

SPECIAL NOTE: Remember, the eBook edition of your title is required to have its own ISBN. Purchase a single ISBN from our site here: