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POSTED ON Jun 25, 2020

P.J McNulty

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Do you want to discover more about Izzard Ink Publishing for your next book project?

To help you determine if Izzard is the right option for you to publish a book, we've taken the time to fully research everything you need to know. 

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A Note To Our Readers:

We want you to make informed decisions when it comes to how and where to invest your money. That’s why our mission is to help educate authors on the various self-publishing companies and services that are on the market today.

Our reviews are meant to be unbiased, 3rd party reviews, but we will speak up if there is a scam or a clearly better option.

Read on to learn more about the services on offer at Izzard Ink, how much you’ll pay, what other reviews say, and some alternative solutions to consider. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in our review of Izzard Ink:

  1. What is Izzard Ink Publishing?
  2. Izzard Ink packages and pricing
  3. Should I use Izzard Ink to publish?
  4. Izzard Ink review: pros and cons
  5. Other Izzard Ink reviews
  6. Alternatives to Izzard Ink Publishing
  7. Final rating

What is Izzard Ink Publishing?

Izzard Ink is a hybrid publishing company in business since 2013.

Tim McConnehey founded Izzard Ink after learning about the ebook revolution and how it represented an amazing chance for more authors to get their book out into the world.

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After helping a widow relaunch her late husband’s books for the digital age, McConnehey created a collaborative approach to publishing, aiming to give authors a good balance between autonomy and support.  

As well as heading up Izzard Ink, McConnehey also releases books to help self-publishers, as seen on Goodreads.

Izzard Ink Publishing: Tim Mcconnehey'S Books

At this time, the Izzard Ink process is based around these four core aspects:

  1. Plan. The creation of a complete roadmap for your book project, including the business and financial side of publishing.
  1. Pick. Izzard Ink puts together a suggested team of 2-3 professionals for your book based on your needs. The final say remains yours.
  1. Publish. Izzard Ink takes care of the logistics of putting your book out into the world, often a major challenge for new authors.
  1. Personal. If you need to contact someone at Izzard Ink, you’ll always have a single point of contact with a particular person.

We’ll take a more detailed look at Izzard Ink’s services and pricing shortly.

But first, which book types does Izzard Ink publish?

  • Children’s books
  • Christian books
  • Coffee table books
  • Cookbooks
  • Fiction books
  • Non-fiction books
  • Photobooks
  • Poetry books
  • Young adult books

Now that you have a high-level overview of the Izzard Ink approach to publishing, let’s explore their service packages and how much they cost.

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Izzard Ink packages and pricing

If you decide Izzard Ink is the way to go, you can choose from either the Get Ink’d package or their selection of a la carte services. Let’s take a look at both options.

#1 – Get Ink’d package

For authors looking for a convenient bundle of services, the Get Ink'd package is available for an average cost of $9000 for a 50,000-word manuscript

Here's what's included in the Get Ink'd publishing package:

  1. Editing. The standard package contains an evaluation of your book’s editing needs, as well as a full proofread. A copy edit can be added on for an average of $1450 while a comprehensive edit option exists for around $3000
  2. Cover design. One of the Izzard Ink designers will put together a unique cover for your paperback and ebook edition. Depending on the cover you opt for, you might get the rights to a stock image, and you can also add a hardcover design. 
  3. Interior design. Full typesetting for your print book as well as an ebook edition. Your book can feature 25 images. 
  4. Distribution. The choice of two distribution options – either hands-on distribution, similar to conventional self-publishing or the option for Izzard to have an approach closer to traditional publishing, involving three years of service in exchange for a 10% portion of the MSRP for ebooks and $1 for print or audio editions
  5. Book marketing. Izzard Ink provides a marketing consultation for your book as well as social media promotional images to use, two reviews provided by non-trade sources, a professionally written book description, and author bio text to let your readers know more about you. 
  6. Registration. Izzard registers your book with the Library of Congress, and also provides an ISBN. 

While a lot of these services are useful, many can be carried out on a DIY basis at low or even no cost, such as getting hold of an ISBN.

#2 – Izzard Ink – A la carte pricing

But what about if you only need a selection of the services on offer at Izzard Ink? Let’s explore the a la carte selection and how much each item costs.

The individual publishing services available at Izzard Ink include:

  1. Covers. Book covers from Izzard Ink start at $2000 and you can choose to work with bestselling cover artists or art directors from established names in the publishing world. Two examples Izzard Ink covers from published books can be seen below.
  2. Basic proofreading. If you need an experienced set of eyes to help you catch basic errors, Izzard Ink provides proofreading services for $3 per page
  3. Full developmental editing. Starting at $15 per page, your book can benefit from classic line editing, a structural edit, and plot development. 
  4. Illustrations. Izzard Ink provides illustrations from $200 upwards. Page, cover, and character illustrations are all available, and you can choose from a variety of artists. An example is shown below. 
  5. Book interior design. For $750, Izzard Ink offers a typesetting and quality check process. 
  6. Audiobooks. Get a narrator for the audiobook version of your work. Available for $500 per finished hour. Depending on the narrator you opt for, your audiobook may receive exposure to their audience as well. 
  7. Distribution. For $650, Izzard Ink will distribute your book.
  8. Basic marketing plan. Get your book promoted, starting at $500 for Izzard Ink to carry out social media, blog, and review marketing. 
Izzard Ink Publishing Designs

You can also get a custom package of different a la carte options tailored to your book’s needs.

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Should I use Izzard Ink?

Ultimately, learning the full self-publishing process is often a better investment than opting for a service like Izzard Ink. Rather than paying for the production of a book, you learn the skillset to create as many books as you desire throughout your author career. 

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With that said, if you're want to learn how to self-publish on your own, to retain full creative rights and increased book royalties, Izzard Ink Publishing is not a good choice for you.

However, if that doesn't sound like you, then you might be a good fit for Izzard Ink Publishing…

Izzard Ink Publishing might be for you if:

  1. You like the sound of collaborative publishing. If the process of picking a team of 2 or 3 collaborators to work on your book appeals, and you feel Izzard Ink is the best value and most suitable way to choose that, they’re worth exploring further. 
  2. Your book is an Izzard Ink specialty. Izzard Ink lists certain types of books, such as coffee table books, as something they specialize in. If your book fits one of Izzard Ink's main genres, and you like their results, they might be a good option for you. 
  3. You don't want to learn self-publishing. Some authors don't have the time or inclination to learn how to do everything. If you want a done-for-you but still collaborative service, Izzard Ink might be the way to go.

Take the time to consider if full self-publishing or a hybrid model like Izzard Ink, is the best approach for your book. 

If you decide that you want to opt for collaborative done-for-you services, weigh up Izzard Ink’s suitability for your book as well as their costs compared to other options out there. 

Izzard Ink review: pros and cons

So what are the main advantages and disadvantages of choosing Izzard Ink?

Let's look at both in this quick breakdown.


  1. Reputation. Izzard Ink has an excellent rating on ALLi, and works with some very-established creative collaborators.
  2. Clarity. The selection of services provided by Izzard Ink, and the clear pricing on offer, makes for a refreshing change from some other companies that offer far too many options and aren’t clear about their pricing. 
  3. Flexibility. Izzard Ink suggests collaborators for your project, you still have the final say, and you also can suggest external partners from your network, such as by suggesting a book cover designer


  1. Less informative. While the services on offer at Izzard Ink are important parts of any book project, you might find a higher level of education to be useful. Consider investing in a course rather than just a done-for-you services package.
  2. No platform. Although the book created for you by Izzard Ink might be the first step in building a platform, it’s by no means the only part of the process. If you’re looking to establish how to become an author and build your career based on a powerful platform, Izzard Ink might not be the right route to take.

Other Izzard Ink reviews 

If you’re looking for reassurance about the trustworthiness and reputation of Izzard Ink, look at reviews from actual customers and fellow authors that have used the service first-hand.

Izzard Ink has made the list of best self-publishing services as a partner member with an excellent rating with the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Izzard Ink Reviews

Alternatives to Izzard Ink 

When it comes to a project as significant as your book, it’s always worth comparing your options and seeing what alternatives are out there.

If you’re a new author, we recommend checking out a company that offers coaching and education rather than just services.

We’re a part of the Self-Publishing School family and we truly feel our Author Education programs help authors launch their self-publishing career and grow their platform in a way that's not included with Izzard Ink's publishing packages.

You can also check out our Self-Publishing Services page to find a directory of company reviews to do more research.

Curious what other advantages does Self-Publishing School offer over Izzard Ink?

  • Direct coaching. If you want regular accountability and motivation to see your self-published book through to the end, personalized 1 to 1 coaching from Self Publishing School is invaluable.
  • Writing help. Perhaps you're new to writing and need more craft support than you can find at Izzard Ink. Self Publishing School will help you level up your skills. 
  • Supportive community. Self Publishing School has a caring community of authors offering support and guidance.
  • Free tools. There is a lot of free information and even small apps and tools available at no cost at Self Publishing School. 
  • Diverse self-publishing courses. While Izzard Ink will produce a book on a done-for-you basis, Self-Publishing School will teach you how to create a course from your book, or offer you a guaranteed path to becoming a bestseller.

Given that Izzard Ink’s main package costs $9,000, why not check out if you can invest in a course from Self-Publishing School and still have money left for the done-for-you services you need?

To explore as many other options as possible, check out these reviews:

  1. Our full review of Self Publishing School
  2. A detailed guide to 12 different self-publishing companies
  3. Balboa Press Review
  4. Zondervan Publishing Review
  5. Christian Faith Publishing Review

Final rating 

Our Rating
With everything taken into account, we award Izzard Ink 3.5 stars out of 5.
Izzard Ink Publishing Final Rating

Although we believe self-publishing gives authors the best amount of flexibility out there, we know it’s not the right route for everyone. If you’ve decided a done-for-you service company is the best fit for your project, Izzard Ink is a great option.

If you’ve used either the Get Ink’d package or a la carte services from Izzard Ink, please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts! 

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