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POSTED ON Feb 6, 2023

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Every day, helps authors with their books. We provide curriculum, coaching, community, and support to help authors write, publish, and market their books. We love seeing authors succeed. Today, we'll take a look at:


Mike Acker

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Leadership Development & Organizational Management

Mike Acker

What made you want to join

I tried writing a book in my twenties, and I'm in my forties now. So probably around 2006, I wrote a book–part of a master's program. At that point-in-time, I was a senior pastor, and I wrote a book, and I didn't know what to do with it.

From there, I sent it out to some publishers. It didn't go anywhere, and I moved-on in life. I always had a desire to get something out there. Then, I moved out of pastoral ministry after 18 years, and began working in the corporate world. I became an executive in consultative sales and coached on the side. I've always coached in communication, whether it was my staff members, or debaters in college.

Biggest worry before joining:

I had very, very low hopes for joining, because of my own previous experience, but I followed Chandler's book, and then the other workbook that you have. Then I attended the webinar and jumped on a series of five sales calls.

Most helpful part of the process:

I listened to your audiobook multiple times, then signed up for the program. One of the things I know that happens is that a lot of people ask their coaches things that are already in the program. I didn't know what to ask my coach, because I would listen to the program on repeat, and really-I mean, I did everything to a T. 

What was your result of working with us?

I did the three-month launch verbatim, tracked everything, did everything you did. And then when I hit release, I was ready, because I had worked the system. I always tell people, “If there's a system that works, and you work it, it will work.”

Biggest benefit of working with us:

What I discovered in retrospect, and you talk about this in one of the programs, is that I was going for visibility. Then suddenly, my book was highly visible. So, a takeaway for anybody is, what can you do to get your book out there?

How has your life changed since joining our programs?

I switched careers right as the book published. I took a week off and just worked the book like crazy. That's a great thing for people to do–just work the book. So, during that time, I didn't have time to take my book places. I remember an author driving his book to different retailers. Once the book gained exposure, it hit that tipping point. So that was something that I did. Then I went out there and aggressively got reviews.

What was the most helpful part of working with with your book?

Two answers: You guys made it very clear, “This is what you need to do,” and then I participated in the Mastermind Community.

You went through our Author Advantage Accelerator Program. What was the most helpful part about that specific to using the book to grow your business?

Realizing that my book and my coaching were / are a business. (Article on how your book can grow a business.)

Advice for anyone thinking of joining:

Take one book and treat it like it has a lot of potential. Don't expect it to be a $5,000-a-month earner right away, but treat it like it could, and do the work that might come back to haunt you or to bless you.

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