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Published Author Spotlight with Bill Soroka

POSTED ON Feb 8, 2023

Omer Redden

Written by Omer Redden

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Every day, helps authors with their books. We provide curriculum, coaching, community, and support to help authors write, publish, and market their books. We love seeing authors succeed. Today, we'll take a look at:


Bill Soroka

Genre / Industry

Business Development

I just released my third book. All three are in the notary realm.


What made you want to join

I really got clear that I didn't want to die with a story still inside me, even if it's a notary book. I told myself when I was six years old, I was going to publish a book. That was important to me. I would regret that on my deathbed if I had not done it. When I put it in that perspective, it was easy for me to make that decision, and it's still among the best investments I've ever made [joining the program].

Biggest worry before joining:

Well, there's a lot. First, I had to get over my own BS. I am a collector of courses, programs, and books. I can sell myself on anything. I rarely meet an idea I don't like. Many times, courses just sit on the shelf or in my internet somewhere, and I never take them. This was a significant investment to join this program. So, I had to have that conversation with myself like, “Are you really going to do this, Bill? Are you just BS'ing yourself again?”

It took me a while to do that, to have that conversation with myself.

Then I attended the webinar and jumped on a series of calls.

Most helpful part of the process:

The support community, and I still use it to this day. Even when I don't actively participate, if I don't comment on something, I see a post, I see other people publishing, I see their results, it really helps me stay engaged and like, “Hey, this is really possible.”

And then, of course, the actual course itself with all the resources, that was a game changer for me. I still use that. I still go back in to look at the front matter, the back matter, and find out the strategy for the launch.

They had launch calendars and everything for me, and it's still what I use to this day. And that launch strategy has changed everything for me.

What was your result of working with us?

It has given me this peace of mind about life and confidence in myself again. And trusting that, “Hey, you said you published a book this year,” and I did it. This year I promised myself that I would publish two and I'm working on it.

Biggest benefit of working with us:

Well, it feels like the gift that keeps on giving, for sure, and just being a part of the program. But I will say this, on an existential level, having the support to make something like this happen it's a dream. It was a dream to publish a book. Having the support to bring publishing a book to reality, has left a special place in my heart for, Chandler, and the entire team.

Sometimes I think when we don't keep promises to ourselves, that inner critic comes out and says, “Yeah, right, Bill. You're going to publish a book. Right.” But now I believe in myself when I say that, and I can’t put a price tag on that.

How has your life changed since joining our programs?

What the program has done for my life has been life changing. Not just income wise. I've been able to generate several hundreds of thousands of dollars in book royalties. It's opened doors and partnerships that I never would've dreamed of.

What was the most helpful part of working with with your book?

I think if you find yourself even having the conversation about joining, there's something inside you that wants it to happen. It might be buried deep from childhood. It might be because you work in business.

I think there's so much. If anybody's in a profession where they must get clients, whether they work for somebody or not, but if they've got to attract other clients into their orbit, then a book is likely going to make sense for them.

Advice for anyone thinking of joining:

Confidence doesn't come before you write the book. Confidence comes after. So, if you're questioning, who would read this book, why would anyone read this book, who am I to write this book about this topic, those are all questions that most published authors go through, and you've got to overcome that.

Do whatever it takes to overcome that and write the book. Nothing else matters until you write the book. Just write it and somebody is going to read it, especially when you do it authentically and vulnerably.

Anything to add?

I would also say is it's easy. One of my favorite authors, Steven Pressfield, who wrote The War of Art, he talks about resistance on how when you are taking on or embarking on a creative journey, you're going to get hit with resistance. And it's sneaky. It'll show up as laundry. It'll show up as child distractions. It'll show up as spousal distractions or work.

All these things seem like they're preventing you from sitting down to write your book, but you've got to have a plan for that ahead of time. You've got to have some accountability. You’ve got to have somebody you can talk to about moving through this. Remind yourself every day why you chose to write this book, so you keep moving forward.

Links to Bill's Books & Resources

Sign and Thrive (1,379 reviews)

Supercharge Your Notary (265 reviews)

The Notary Business Building Challenge (new release in late 2022)

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