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POSTED ON Mar 6, 2024

Sarah Rexford

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A children’s book title generator can greatly improve the number of titles you can choose from and the quality of your title. The blank page often intimidates writers, which is where title generators come in. 

Peter Brooks once said, “I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage. A man walks across this empty space whilst someone else is watching him, and this is all that is needed for an act of theater to be engaged.” 

You can apply the same idea when learning how to write a children’s book – and using a children’s book title generator to write your title (stay with me here). 

To borrow from Brooks…you can take an empty generator and call it a bare canvas of ideas. You type a few words into the generator, and that is all that is needed for an act of creativity to take place. 

Ready to get creative? Let’s discuss how to come up with tons of fresh book ideas and write a catchy book title with our free children’s book title generator.

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How do I come up with a catchy book title?

You can use a children’s book title generator to create catchy, age-appropriate titles for the children’s books you're writing. 

Rather than work from a completely blank canvas and only draw from your conscious ideas, a title generator aids you in the process.

Whether you:

  • Need help getting past some writer's block and want some working title ideas
  • Find yourself looking for children’s book publishers and want to pitch a compelling title
  • Want to self-publish and use your title for marketing purposes

…you’ll benefit from a title generator. 

Where do I find a free book title generator?

Great news. There is a children’s book title generator on and you can access it right here! 

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Our generator allows you to:

  • Choose your genre
  • Paste in your own description
  • Follow writing prompts if you don’t have a description yet
  • Pick from a variety of children's book title ideas  
  • Repeat as many times as you like to get 100s of great ideas

Sometimes, a bit of structure is all you need to pinpoint a winning title for your book. So let's get into how you can use it.

How do I use the free book title generator tool?

Our children's book title generator uses AI to take your chosen genre and book idea to craft various title possibilities for your upcoming book. It uses the context you provide – including character names, animal species (if your characters are of the furry sort), important plot points, and more. That way, the ideas you generate are truly unique to you.

I completely understand if you're hesitant to use AI or ChatGPT to write a book. Though authors have great tools at their disposal, I'm not suggesting you replace the whole writing process with AI. Think of this title generator instead as another tool in your arsenal of writing software and tools for authors.

Ask yourself this: Is it easier to start writing a new chapter when you have the first sentence written or when you stare at the blank page? A great children's book title generator provides the former.

A title generator gives you something to work with. Rather than rack your brain for inspiring titles, simply type your inspiring idea into the generator. You can then use the generated title you like best or mix and match aspects of titles you like.

Using it is so simple. In fact, there are only three steps or questions you need to ask yourself.

Step 1: What is your genre? 

First, choose whether you write fiction or nonfiction. If you are writing children’s books, you are most likely writing a type of fiction (the subgenre may vary).

Children'S Book Title Generator - What Is The Book Genre

Step 2: What is your description? 

Next, the prompt will ask if you have a book description. If you do, you can either type or paste your description into the box. If you still need to write a description, simply click NO. 

Children'S Book Title Generator - Book Description

If you click NO, prompts appear. Use these prompts to help you brainstorm and articulate different aspects of your project: 

  • Where does the book take place? 
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • When does it take place? 
  • Describe your hero in one sentence
  • What are the tropes from your book?
  • Who is the main character? Do they have a name?
  • Are the characters adults, children, or animals? 
  • What is your book subgenre? 
  • What's the style and tone you are writing in?

Once you fill in either your description or the writing prompts, click GENERATE. At this point, a title and subtitle will appear in the generator. Congrats, you generated a children's book title idea!

Step 3: How many more title ideas do you want?

This one is up to you—we don't limit the number of times you can use this free AI tool!

So, use the children’s book title generator to generate numerous titles. Use it for completely new ideas or to iterate on a working title you already like. There are no rules!

What if you want to try various renditions of similar titles? For example: 

  • Titles that pique curiosity 
  • Titles that explain part of the story
  • Titles that are short 

The more titles you generate, the more ideas you will come up with for new titles. Just as learning how to write a children’s picture book draws inspiration from other books, the same is true for titles.

Use the steps above in the generator here and get to work!

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What can I call my book? Tips for great children's book titles

The various themes in books play a big role in the title you choose. Additionally, your protagonist’s character motivation may show up in your title. Use these aspects and more to create titles that grab your readers.

For instance, introducing rhyming, repetition, and personification are great ways to draw in young readers. Children love each of these literary devices. Below are a few examples of how authors used these devices to craft great book titles. 

Use Rhyming

When authors use words that rhyme they catch the ear of young readers. My Truck Is Stuck! by Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk stands as a great example of using words that rhyme to create a catchy title. 

My Truck Is Stuck! By Kevin Lewis And Daniel Kirk - Examples Of Great Children'S Book Title Ideas

Rely on Repetition  

Children love repeating words and questions and copying what others say. It also helps with reading retention at a young age. Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle use children’s innate love of repetition in their book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr. And Eric Carle - Examples Of Great Children'S Book Title Ideas

Play with Personification 

Just as children love rhyming words and repeating words, their little creative minds love personifying their toys. Many children’s books personify objects or animals to the thrill of their young listeners/readers. 

The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper personifies…you guessed it, a little blue engine who chooses to believe it can succeed. 

The Little Engine That Could By Watty Piper - Examples Of Children'S Book Title Ideas

Use it as a teaching moment

Readers widely know Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd. Have you ever told a young child it was time to say goodby to the pet, the park, or the lake? 

Parents, guardians, and other caregivers for young children often use these types of terms to initiate goodbyes. Brown and Hurd capitalize on this common usage in their beloved title, Goodnight Moon. Never underestimate the power of simplicity in children's book titles!

Goodnight Moon, By Margaret Wise Brown And Clement Hurd - Examples Of Children'S Book Title Ideas

You are now equipped to create a standout title! Use the tips and examples above, along with our children's book title generator, and start creating your title.

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