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POSTED ON May 12, 2023

Zara Choudhry

Written by Zara Choudhry

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Remember the days when people would become worldwide internet sensations just through posting up some videos on YouTube? (We’re looking at you, Bieber.) YouTube is most definitely the place to find anything and it continues to rule the social scene – and the book world is no exception. 

Booklovers and authors everywhere are using the power of BookTube to talk, question, rant, and rave all about the books they’re reading and viewers are loving it. 

In a bid to help you make the most of a BookTube, we’ll be taking you through everything you need to know including how your channel can skyrocket your career as an author!

Let’s get into it…

So What Exactly is a BookTube? 

You may have heard the terms ‘BookTok’ and ‘Bookstagram’ flying around across the internet recently – but ever heard of a BookTube? And yes, it’s exactly what you might have thought – a realm on YouTube where booklovers share videos surrounding book reviews, book challenges, reading hauls, and anything else related! 

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What’s great about BookTube is that it helps your community put a face, voice and even quirky character to an author. They get to see you in front of a camera, talking about your favorite (and not-so-favorite) reads at the moment and it gives audiences a chance to really connect with you. 

While it can be daunting to get up close and personal in 4K, it’s such a great way to unite with a larger community and entertain your audience. 

How to Create a Successful BookTube

There are a few things you’ll want to do before achieving your ultimate potential as a BookTuber so let’s take you through that all-important list! 

  1. Watch Other BookTubers
  2. Think About Your Niche
  3. Consider Your Content (and Your Personality!)
  4. Focus on the Right Things

1. Watch Other BookTubers

Before even hitting the record button on your camera, why not take the evening to binge watch some of the amazing BookTubers out there already? 

With some Booktube channels hitting over 400,000 subscribers, we can certainly learn a thing or two from these guys! Here’s a list of BookTubers you’ll want to check out and follow for inspiration: 

  • Jesse the Reader

Jesse is known for his super high-energy book reviews and getting viewers just as excited for their next read. He loves posting reading challenges to his subscribers to keep them coming back for more!Wmrv8Ejdybhmuvrbsz4Qxlr0Ob4Bok G0D78Gmq Gozd3Ezptq1A2Kstnjxhakmbja6Swknt9Ay41Jfpgfftw D22Tx

  • WithCindy

Cindy brings a whole lot of personality to her Booktube, including hilarious reactions to characters, as well as helping new and upcoming Booktubers in the community to thrive! What sets Cindy apart from the rest is that she steps away from mainstream reviews and gives completely fresh perspectives for her audience to consider.

  • Peruse Project

Regan runs the Peruse Project BookTube channel which initially started as a fantasy-only based channel but soon ventured into other genres her subscribers love. 

Regan also takes it one step further by offering practical tips for her audience, like how to manage your book reading time to get through as many reads as possible. 

  • The Artisan Geek 

BookTuber community pioneer, Seji, is the voice behind The Artisan Geek which is a channel that talks about all things novels, light novels, classics, and Manga. Seji is a Black Dutch BookTuber who uses her passion for books to bring creative reviews and fun reading challenges to the fore. 

There is a whole realm of awesome BookTubers out there, so we’d highly recommend deep diving into their content before starting yours! 

2. Think About Your Niche

You’ll want to find effective ways to stand out amongst other BookTubers out there, and one simple way to do this is to discover your specific niche (or genre!). 

Are you a romance novel lover or a sci-fi genre enthusiast?  Wherever your interests lie in the book world, focusing on creating content around this niche will help you build a dedicated subscriber base in no time. 

3. Consider Your Content (and Your Personality!)

Regardless of whether you’re a daily vlogger, film director or aspiring BookTuber, the goal is to create video content that actually engages and entertains an audience. 

This means you’ll want to really consider the type of content you’re putting on your channel. A lot of Booktubers see stagnant views and little to no growth because they either repeat the same content or lack consistency. 

While book hauls and in-depth conversations about a new novel is great for any BookTube channel, everyone is doing the same thing! 

Here are a few ideas to inspire your next rollout of BookTube content:

  • Number lists, like ‘Top Ten Sci-Fi Novels to Read Right Now’ 
  • ‘What’s so great about….’ honest review
  • Book recommendations, broken up by age
  • Post reading challenges for your viewers
  • Review your favorite book-ish place to read (like that cozy coffee shop!)
  • Invite exciting guests on to your channel

A way to really make your content stand out is to let your personality shine through! Allow yourself to loosen up, make a few jokes that your subscribers will catch on to and have a ton of fun along the way… 

4. Focus on the Right Things 

It’s really easy to go off track when you’re recording any type of content that involves you being in the frame. Vloggers and everyday Youtubers do it all the time – but the difference is that their videos are lifestyle-based so it’s okay if their videos are more chaotic than others! 

With Booktube, staying on-topic is the key. Subscribers are watching your video for a specific reason, whether it’s to figure out their next read, educate themselves on new fiction genres, or wanting to support an upcoming author – your viewers are trying to achieve a goal. 

This means that your job as the BookTuber is to be as detailed and specific as possible with the reviews and conversations you bring to the table. 

Deliver on your promise and talk extensively about the characters, plots, themes and overall thoughts on each novel, and be honest! 

How Can BookTube Help Me as an Author? 

As an author, BookTube can help you gain traction online, as well as communicate with the reader community, reply to comments, and engage in perfectly book-ish conversations. 

Any online presence helps authors be more accessible for their audience, and this pays itself back in the future when you want to promote your self-published book on your BookTube, Booktok, Bookstagram and anywhere else you’ve made a name for yourself! 

With a quality webcam, a built-in mic and a simple editing software on your computer, you can get started with your BookTube in no time – providing the perfect place for you to promote your books (both current and future) and gain global recognition as the amazing author you are! 

So what are you waiting for? Time to get filming! 

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