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Invite Your Friends with a Copy of Published.

We’ve seen so many authors benefit from reading and applying the lessons in “Published.”

From writing their first book, to selling more copies of their current book(s) by using our book marketing strategies, “Published” is for every author!


See How Easy It Is!

Invite Your Friends with a Copy of Published.

We’ve seen so many new authors and published authors benefit reading and applying the lessons in “Published.”

From writing their first book, to selling more copies of their current book(s) using our book marketing strategies, “Published” is for every author!

Get $750 for Each Friend

Here’s the truth, your friend can successfully write, publish, and launch their book using “Published” alone. But if your friend would like us to help them meet their author goals and they decide to join one of our programs, we’ll pay you $750 as a thank you.

Your Friend Gets $1000

Gifts shouldn’t be one-sided. When your friend signs up for, they will get a discount as well – $1000 – just for mentioning your name.

That savings can be applied to future book marketing, or even to taking you out to dinner for showing them the EASIEST way to write and publish a great book – with help from!

Referral Program FAQ’S

When we ship your friend their free copy of Published., notice it is a gift from you, they are probably going to contact you with some questions about

A few things we want to outline here

  • The book is a gift, as are the 15 other additional resources linked inside the front pages. Your friend can use all of these free resources, plus the hundreds of other resources (blog posts, podcast episodes, etc.) to write their book.
  • If they are curious about working with us, they will likely have some questions. We’ve outlined the top questions below, and with some additional information that may help you answer them honestly and succinctly

Q1: What if they ask about the price?

This may come up, and depending on who you are speaking with, mentioning the price of our programs outright, without anchoring the price in all the value they’ll receive (coaching, done-for-you services, etc.), could be a bit of sticker shock.

The shock may be less for a business owner, looking to use the book to grow his business, or a coach wanting to use a book to get more clients or becoming a public speaker, or a fiction or children’s book author who has plans for a series, or wants to use their book to launch a non-profit or an agency for positive change.

All these avenues offer direct monetary return on investment, meaning, we work hard with our authors to help them use their books to grow income and revenue.

For some people though, the return on investment is emotional. Perhaps your friend only wants to write one book – a legacy book of their life that they can leave for generations to come, or a selected group of intimate poems, or a collection of generational recipes…

For these people, the goal is doing one thing, and doing it well. They don’t mind the expense, as they’re learning a new skill they can use over and over again, as long as they live. And when their published book is released in a high quality edition, they have an achievement they can be proud of, and a new applicable skill to revel in.

As we often update our programs with new bonuses and benefits for students, for further pricing questions, we recommend directing people to to learn about the different publication and personal development courses available, as well as to review success stories from real authors, and see current program pricing.

Q2: How many details should I give about the program?

That’s up to you! At, we help everyone from business owners, to fiction writers, to aspiring children’s book writers, to people who want to leave a legacy.

From people who would never describe themselves as a “writer” to published authors who want to sell more of their books using our unique book marketing strategies.

Truly, our author development programs are tailored to address a spectrum of could-be authors and published authors. The best way for your friend to find out more about the program that would be best suited for their unique needs, goals, and schedule, would be to book a call with one of our publishing success specialists.

Q3: What should I say if they ask “was it worth it”?

Our absolute hope is that you have gotten more out of our programs than you could ever imagine or hope for… and if you are referring to your friends, we hope that is true. Answer honestly.

Q4: Will you get compensated for referring me? is happy to pay for referrals just like most businesses.

Why? That’s free money for your Amazon ads or other book marketing!

In fact, if your friend joins one of our programs, they will get a discount on their program for mentioning your name as well. Some of our best authors come from referrals from friends and family like you, so we would love to thank you both.

Q5: What didn’t you like about working with

We hope this answer is “Nothing! I loved every minute of it!” But if for some reason your experience has not been 5-stars of late, please reach out to our Author Success team to let us know how we can help better serve you.

I'm ready to send my friend a copy of Published!

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