Self-Publishing Preparation

The second step of the self-publishing process

The goal is for you to be happy with the final outcome in your self-publishing debut. The manuscript preparation stage of the self-publishing process includes everything you need to do to your book prior to going to the book printer.

This includes an editorial analysis will help you determine to what extent you should proceed in your self-publishing venture. The extent of editorial services needed can vary from a second set of eyes, like that of your tenth grade English teacher, to a full mechanical to developmental edit. Editorial services are provided by Adept

The final step in the preparation process is book page layout and cover design. Services can range from complete do-it-yourself which, while doable, is not recommended to a full range of graphic services?

Remember, the object is not to fill your closet with books or your head full of false ideas and hopes. Writing is a love and publishing is a business. A good book starts with great preparation.

Preparation PROGRAMS

Obtain ISBN

Your self-publishing journey started with the purchase of a single ISBN. This is what makes you a book publisher. It is the only way you can truly be a self-publisher. is an authorized agent of the U.S. ISBN Agency for the sale of single ISBNs. You may also purchase ISBN'S in blocks of 10, 100, 1000

Editorial Services

You have finished your manuscript. Your ten best friends plus your mother have told you your book is great. You have made up your mind that there is a market for your book beyond your ten best friends. You have decided to self publish your book and hopefully become the next Tom Clancy.

Do you really need an editor? Yes, No, and Maybe.
If you are really serious about publishing.
No: If you are on a limited budget and really intend to turn this publishing venture into a hobby and not a second job.
Maybe: You might want to try a combination of the above. Start off with a few hundred using the new 10th Grade English Teacher editing program

Services Available

Design & Illustration Services

Book Design on a budget! We will work with you to create an original design giving your project the edge that makes a difference. We understand the specific needs of small publishers and not-for-profits, as well as the big guys out there in the marketplace. Work one-on-one with us. Let us know what you need and we'll see it gets done.

Services Available