12 Best Self-Publishing Companies [UPDATED]: Guide to Self-Publishing Companies

Know the best self-publishing companies of 2021 to stay ahead of the curve as an aspiring author. No two self-publishing companies are the same, so don’t rely on trial and error when it comes to working with publishing companies as an author. In a world of scammy vanity companies eager to take an author’s money, […]

9 Self-Published Authors Who Made It Big

Today more than ever, it’s not just great writing that sells. Besides having a powerful plot, theme, protagonist (whether that is a fictional character or the star of your nonfiction), and stellar writing, there is another piece to the puzzle that all successful self published authors share.  Decades ago, great authors wrote their books, sent […]

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Amazon CreateSpace – 2021 Guide for Authors

Many of today’s aspiring writers choose the self-publishing path for several reasons – one of them being that this rapidly evolving industry offers an abundance of opportunities. Plus, the chances of getting your book picked up by a traditional publishing company are becoming slimmer. If you’ve already done some research into self-publishing, you’ve probably heard […]

Self-Publishing Platforms – 12 Options for Authors

Deciding on the right self-publishing platform is an exciting time for any author. When you reach this stage in the process, your book is so close to being enjoyed by readers. All of the time and energy you’ve invested is about to bear fruit. All that’s left to do is choose the best way to […]

How to Print Your Book: 10 Essential Tips to Know

Authors spend a huge amount of time and energy writing their books, but for many self-published authors the final hurdle—designing and printing your book—can be an afterthought…and a daunting one at that. Most self-published authors opt for an e-book, allowing them to bridge the gap between aspiring author and self-published reality. However, with physical book […]

Author Platform: How to Build & Grow Your Author Platform

Becoming an author is a thrilling journey. You work hard for months to write a book, get it out there—through self-publishing or traditional—and if you have done your research, readers are ready to buy from you. This is easier said than done, but what does streamline the process is having a platform to launch from. […]

Children’s Book Publishers: 33 Best Publishers for Your Children’s Book

Are you an independent author looking for the best children’s book publishers to submit your work to? Of all the types of book out there, children’s books are never going away. There will always be a demand for fresh books aimed at youngsters in schools, libraries, and homes. Related: How to Write a Children’s Book […]