P.J McNulty
P.J McNulty is an author, content creator, and digital nomad from London making his way around the world. He writes for sites including The Good Men Project and is working on his debut novel, 'Stupid Prizes', as well as a separate dystopian fiction series. You can catch him in an independent coffee shop with an iced Americano and his trusty Moleskine notebook.
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Trade Reviews: Your Top 6 Options

If you self-publish a book without having a proactive plan in place to secure reviews around the time of its launch, you doom it to failure.  Book reviews, especially on digital bookstores, serve two important functions in your book’s initial performance. First,...

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How to Write an Acknowledgments Page

Are you looking to write an acknowledgments page for your book?If you've never written a page like this before, it might seem overwhelming. Who should you thank? What tone should you take?Here's how to write an acknowledgments page: Where do acknowledgments go in a...

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