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What's Behind a Proofread? - Who needs a proofread? Quite frankly all books should receive a proofread in addition to a copyedit-many books, especially those with a heavy amount of copyediting, even call for multiple proofreads.

Finding the Right Manuscript Editor Readers and reviewers can spot a poorly edited book from a distance. You've put much time and work into writing your book, and a poor review could nullify all that effort. A professional copyeditor will give you open and honest feedback that will, if done correctly, improve the quality of your finished product. Click here to read more

The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Editor Checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation are all things that many well-educated, competent English speakers are capable of. A properly trained copy editor will correct more of these errors, and will also look at broader issues: Click Here to Read More

Who Needs a Copy Edit? Traditional publishers will rarely publish a book without polishing it through several levels of editing. They ensure that each book receives the highest level of editing necessary to produce a quality end product. In the self-publishing industry, however, a copy edit is one of the most underutilized and misunderstood steps in the overall production cycle of a book Click Here to Read More

How to Choose the Right Copy Editor for You Hiring the wrong editor can be nearly as bad as hiring none at all, but how do you choose the editor appropriate for your title? On the Internet, you can find hundreds of freelance editors claiming to be the very best. It is important to use the same standards when hiring a copy editor as you do when hiring someone to perform any other professional service. Plus, books vary widely, and the perfect editor for a six-volume history of Guatemalan culture is often not the right fit for a romance novel. So how do you choose? (Click Here to Read More)

Why Word Is Unreliable as an Editorial Tool The proofing tools in Microsoft® Word (and other word processing software) can be useful. Like most "quick fixes," however, they should be used with care. A little editing can be a dangerous thing. (Click here to Read More)

Increasing Your Title's Usability with a Quality Index The authors of The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, Tom and Marilyn Ross, described the value of an index in simple terms: "Indexes are to nonfiction books what butter is to bread. You can use the one without the other, but it's so much better with the added ingredient." (Click Here to Read More)

The Importance of a Professional Proofread In high school and college, proofreading means simply checking for misspellings and basic grammatical issues. In the publishing world, proofreading takes on a larger meaning. In the publishing industry, proofreading is done to ensure the accuracy of typeset pages that have been converted from author- and editor-approved manuscript. (Click Here to Read More)

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