Children's Book Printing

Your illustrations are done…Check
Your text is edited….Check
Your book is designed…Check

Now for the fun part…. printing books

The pricing feature below allows you to instantly see how much it will cost to print copies of your book. A small initial print run of 100 books is HIGHLY suggested. Experience shows us that there are almost always small changes the author wants to make after they see the first printed copies, no matter how carefully they proofed the book prior to printing. You will probably not be any different… it’s human nature. Don’t worry about the fact that the unit cost on small runs is higher. Think of them as samples. After you are 100% satisfied with your digitally printed book, then you come back and print 1000-3000 books at a significantly lower unit cost and head full speed ahead into the illustrated children’s book marketplace.

Children's Book Trim Sizes Demystified!

Vertical 8x10 InchThis is probably the most popular illustrated children’s book size of publishers small and large for several good reasons. The primary reason is the size can be manufactured efficiently whether the quantity is 25, 2,500, 25,000 or 250,000. Get A Quote For A 8x10 Inch Book

Horizontal Book 10x8 inchesTrees are tall… ships, trains and planes are long. It’s as easy as that. This popular oblong (landscape) size works well with certain limitations. In quantities from 1000-10,000 it fits most printing and binding equipment. With smaller digital quantities, and larger, web press quantities there are not as many printers who can efficiently produce the size, often leading to higher pricing. Get A Quote For A 10x8 Inch Book

Square Book 8x8 inchesThis is another, manufacturing driven, popular trim size. As with the 8 X 10 size, this size fits well on most standard printing and binding equipment. Many of the same things that work well artistically with the landscape trim, can be accomplished with this trim size. Get A Quote For A 8x8 Inch Book


Vanity Press Alert!

Square Book 8x8 inchesThis trim size was created by a digital printer for the vanity press market and should not be considered by anyone who believes that they can sell more then about ten copies. It does not efficiently fit anything but the simplest digital equipment. Any company pushing this size as “standard” should be avoided.