How the system works

You simply need to fill in the registration form by clicking here. You will be emailed a unique url to use at your site to link to You can either use your own graphics or use one of the banners posted at our banners page to attract attention. When a person clicks on this link, visits for the first time and either tries the instant quoting feature or orders one of the Publishing Basics books, your name is applied to that persons permanent record. When this person decides to print with Self Publishing, Inc. (, you receive 3% of the total sale (excluding shipping and handling). The average size order is just over $2000 so the average commission is $60. Commissions are paid quarterly

What happens if the same prospect visits through two different websites using two different email addresses to get quotes or order books?

Every prospect has a unique numbered ID number. When a prospect becomes a customer, a complete search of the Self Publishing, Inc. database is made before a job jacket is opened. If the customer has multiple listings, all are combined into the oldest record. If the customer came through your site first, you get the commission.

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